[How to make fig chicken soup]_How to make_Methods

[How to make fig chicken soup]_How to make_Methods

Figs must be known to many people. They are a kind of medicinal and food ingredients. They can be eaten as fruits and contain rich vitamins. They can be used for intestinal laxatives, treat constipation, and alleviate symptoms such as gastrointestinal digestion.Chinese medicinal materials have the effect of enhancing human immunity and anti-cancer effect.

There are many ways to eat, here is a brief introduction on how to make fig chicken soup.

Fig chicken soup is a soup that is very suitable for nourishing and nourishing the lungs.

Fig is a natural health food.

It contains a variety of vitamins, carotene, and also contains a lot of inorganic elements that are beneficial to the human body, which has a good effect on enhancing the body’s health and anti-cancer ability.

In addition, figs metabolize dietary fiber. Pectin and hemicellulose can absorb a variety of chemicals after absorbing and expanding, so that various harmful substances can be absorbed and transferred, purified and replaced, and the beneficial bacteria can multiply in each other, which can inhibit the inhibition.Rising blood sugar, maintaining normal plasma levels, excluding the role of carcinogens.

Cooking steps: 1. Wash the chicken and cut into pieces, put them in a casserole with figs and ginger, and add plenty of water; 2. Bring to a boil, turn to medium and small heat pot for half an hour;

5 hours; 4, season with salt.

Other fig methods First: fig stewed trotters magnetic therapy: figs, trotters, broccoli, ginger, garlic, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate practices: put ginger, garlic and pepper together in a pot, add figs and cut into piecesPork trotters, stir-fried with sauerkraut, add seasonings after half an hour and you are ready to cook.

Efficacy: After taking this recipe, it can effectively protect the health of the body. In addition, it tastes very good. At the same time, it can supplement the body with sufficient nutrients and promote health.

Second: Fig porridge material: Figs, previous rice, rock sugar Practice: Wash the first rice, put it in the pot and boil the porridge, add the peeled figs and cook after sticky, add rock sugar before boiling.

Efficacy: The main function of this recipe is to nourish lungs and detoxify, and to strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi. It has a very good therapeutic effect on some sore throats, coughs, diarrhea and hemorrhoids, and early diabetes.

It is recommended to take fig porridge every day, for 20 consecutive days can achieve very good results.

Third: Fig Tea Material: Figs, Green Fruits, Honey Practice: Put figs and honey together in a pot, add water to cook, and finally add honey to the pot.

Efficacy: This tea drink can effectively eliminate swelling and pain and protect the throat, especially suitable for throat discomfort, constipation and hoarseness.

Lung fever patients.