[How to make tea with fresh basil leaves]_Fresh basil leaves_How to make tea_How to make tea

[How to make tea with fresh basil leaves]_Fresh basil leaves_How to make tea_How to make tea

There are many ways to make fresh shiso leaves, and the method of making tea is also a more common method. You can add shiso leaves to boiling water for brewing, or you can dry fresh shiso leaves and soak them in water to treat the body.Colds and colds can also prevent physical illness and treat cough and other symptoms.

Method for making perilla tea: Perilla leaves are dried and ground, brewed with boiling water, added after sugar is dissolved.

It is suitable for the contraindications of perilla leaf soaked in water such as nasal congestion, runny nose, chills, and sore limbs throughout the cold 1. Although the perilla leaf soaked in water has many health benefits, it is not suitable for everyone.

According to statistics, some people experience discomfort after taking shiso leaf soaked in water, such as nausea and vomiting.

However, this is not a serious problem. After a period of time, the body will naturally recover to health.

It is recommended to stop taking the liquid during this uncomfortable time.

2. If the temperature of perilla leaf is warm and the gas is strong, it is better not to take it, because it may worsen the condition after taking it.

3, Perilla leaf soaking water may not be able to be taken for a long time, because if you take it for a long time, it will easily lead to the leakage of qi in your body, and your body will become weaker and weaker.

4. If your body has a disease and it is a disease of yin deficiency, the main body manifests as cold and fever or headache, then it is best not to take perilla leaves, and you should even eat some Chinese herbs that have astringent and nourishing effects.

5. In terms of diet, perilla leaves cannot be cooked with carp, as this can easily lead to sores.

If you have a high fever or an intense fire, you should never take shiso leaves.

6. The main component of perilla leaves is ketone compounds such as perillone. These substances will show a very strong toxic effect on the animal’s body, especially the most harmful to the lungs.

If such substances are taken in large quantities, emphysema and pleural effusion are likely to occur in the lungs, and death may occur in severe cases.