[How to make some sweet potatoes]_ Common practice for some sweet potatoes _ How to make sweet potatoes _ How to make sweet potatoes

[How to make some sweet potatoes]_ Common practice for some sweet potatoes _ How to make sweet potatoes _ How to make sweet potatoes

If you live around the hospital, you will find that there are more and more people with cancer in modern times.

Although there are many reasons for the development of cancer, it is eaten by 100% of patients.

Therefore, in order to prevent cancer that you eat, you better learn to cook by yourself.

Now, please invite me to learn how to do well.


12 small purple sweet potatoes are steamed and pressed into mud 2.

21Sweet potatoes are steamed and pressed into mud 3.

Add the right amount of white flour and glutinous rice flour, respectively, and form dough 4.

Roll the sweet potato dough to 0.

A 5 cm thick piece was pressed out of a heart-shaped cookie 5 with a mold.

Roll the small purple potato dough to 0.

A 5 cm thick piece was pressed out of a heart-shaped cookie 6 with a mold.

Preheat the electric baking pan over low heat. Put the cut sweet potato cookies into the lower layer of the electric baking pan, brush the oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds 7.

Preheat the electric baking pan over a small fire. Place the cut purple sweet potato pancake on the top of the electric baking pan. Brush the pancake with oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds 8.

Turn over, turn off the electric baking pan switch, and cook with the temperature of the electric baking pan 9.

Turn over, turn off the electric baking pan switch, and use the leftover temperature of the electric baking pan to cook the health of the body. The absorption of nutrients should start from the mouth.Sift it!


[How to make green onion oil]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make green onion oil]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Coriander has a delicious taste at all. In Chinese medicine, coriander has a higher value in traditional Chinese medicine, for example, it can help to quench thirst and solve the problems of spleen and stomach deficiency.

In the production of flower nails, everyone must use a lot of ingredients to completely remove the fishy smell in the flower nails, so that the taste of the flower nails will be more delicious.

Among them, green onion is a commonly used deodorizing seasoning, and green onion oil garnish has become a favorite of many people.

Therefore, we need to learn the specific method of making onion oil.

The efficacy and role of scallion flower clam: The flower clam is sweet, salty and slightly cold.

Can nourish yin and promote fluid, soft and firm, and facilitate urination.

Can be used for liver and kidney yin deficiency, irritability, night sweats, thirst, tumors, palate, lumps, edema, adverse urination and other symptoms.

The nutritional value of clams with scallion oil 1, clam meat contains sugars, proteins, trace amounts, niacin, inorganic salts, vitamins A, B1, B2.

Clam shells contain calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, magnesium silicate, iodine and bromine.

2. The calcium content of clams is quite prominent in seafood.

Take 100 grams of clams as an example: the calcium content is 130 mg. Although it can not be compared with dairy products, it is also a good source of calcium.

3. Clams are also rich in vitamin B12.

B12 is related to blood metabolism, and those who lack it may develop malignant anemia, especially patients with gastric surgery who have a poor absorption rate of B12, and can take more clams appropriately.

4, taurine in clams can help bile synthesis, help prevent metabolism, but also maintain the potential balance of nerve cell membranes, anti-blocking, and inhibit anxiety.

5. Due to the low content of clam manure, there are only 55 calories per 100 grams, which is a low-fat meat.

Clams are a great choice for people who want to control their weight.

With some 60 g clams: about 6 large clams (about 22 clams of average size), they are quite satisfying but only about 40 calories are transferred.

6. Clam meat contains Delta 7-cholesterol and 24-methylenepyrrole, which have the function of reducing serum cholesterol. They both have the unique effect of inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver and accelerating the excretion of plasma, thereby reducing the body.

Edible value of onion oil clam. Clam meat is delicious, nutrient-rich, high in protein, and the composition and ratio of amino acids are reasonable. It has low adult content, high unsaturated fatty acids, and is easily digested and absorbed by the human body.There are various vitamins and medicinal ingredients.

Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other essential trace elements of the human body, can be used as human nutrition, green food.

Clam meat and shellfish molluscs contain a kind of cholesterol with a function of lowering serum cholesterol. This type of plasma has the unique effect of inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver and accelerating the excretion of plasma, thereby reducing the body.

They are more potent than the commonly used cholesterol-lowering drug sitosterol.

People often have a refreshing and pleasant feeling after eating clams and shellfish, which is definitely beneficial to relieve some annoying symptoms.

Chinese medicine believes that clam meat has the effects of nourishing yin and eyesight, softening and firming, reducing phlegm, and some shellfish also have the effect of refining and moisturizing the dirt, and everyone can eat it.

It is especially suitable for people with high cholesterol, high blood lipid constitution, and people with diseases such as goiter, bronchitis, and stomach problems.

Recommended practices for scallion oil clams 1, recommended methods for scallion oil clams: Material: 1 jin of clams, starch, salt, water, onion, ginger, cooking wine, oil.

Practices: (1) Prepare water, starch and water and salt.

(2) Put the shallot, ginger, salt, cooking wine in the pot, and add the clams after the water is boiled.

(3) Lift the pan, lower the ginger, pour in the clams, and wait until the clams are full, then add the cooking wine and soup.

(4) Pour the water into the pot and pour it into the pot.

Tip: When the clam is opened, it will be out of the pot, otherwise the freshness of the clam will be lost a lot.

2. Onion oil clam method two: Material: a pound of flower clams, some green onions, how about ginger, red pepper grains, salt and pepper, dried peppers, raw soy sauce, and filling wine.

Method: (1) Soak the clams in salt water, wash them into a boiling water pot, and cook until the shell is just on a table.

(2) Spread ginger shreds, red pepper grains, and a lot of green onion flowers on the clams and add the seasoning.

(3) Put the oil in the pot and stir the peppercorns and dried peppers to remove the oil.

(4) Pour hot oil on the green onion and mix well (or marinate for about 10 minutes to taste better).

Tips: (1) Fresh clams don’t need to be cooked for too long, and the shell’s flesh is almost the same. After a long time, the taste of the clam meat is old.

(2) Ginger flakes are the best partner for seafood in summer, which can relieve the coldness and deodorization of seafood.(3) Add a little more onion and oil.

Onion oil clam diet taboo clams and other shellfish themselves are very umami, do not add MSG when cooking, do not put more salt, so as not to lose the umami taste, shellfish should be spitted, cooked after consumption.
Shellfish and other shellfish are cold and cold, so those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Appropriate crowd of scallion clams The scallion clams are generally consumed in small amounts by the general population.

You should have high cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, cough and hemoptysis of tuberculosis, yin deficiency, night sweats, and weak constitution, malnutrition, tumors, lymphadenopathy, goiter, cancer patients and radiotherapy, chemotherapy, diabetes, diabetes,Lupus erythematosus, patients with Sjogren’s syndrome, jaundice, urinary tract infections, drunk people, etc.


[Can eggs be eaten if they are pasted]_Eggs_Impact

銆 愰 铔 哔 塬 咦 咜 咖 咧 抧 銆 抱 楦 泲 _ 褰 卞 搷
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[Can I eat leek in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can I eat leek in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

Leek can be eaten in early pregnancy. The nutritional value of leek is relatively high. We know that pregnant women are prone to constipation during early pregnancy. Eating some leek properly has a good effect on promoting defecation, and it wastes a lot of fiberAt the same time, it has a certain effect of promoting appetite, but also contains a certain amount of calcium, also has a certain effect in preventing calcium deficiency in pregnant women.

Can I eat leek in early pregnancy? Pregnant women can eat leek. The nutritional value of leek is very high, which can bring nutrition to expectant mothers during pregnancy.

First of all, leeks are very rich in nutrients, among which protein, trace and fat are all essential nutrients for our human body, while rich carotene and vitamin C can enhance the resistance of pregnant women and promote the development of obesity.The supplementary fiber can promote digestion, facilitate the excretion of carcinogens and toxic substances, and improve constipation. This is very beneficial during pregnancy.

In fact, leek also contains calcium, which can prevent diseases caused by calcium deficiency, but also prevent fetal calcium deficiency, and promote the normal development of fetal baby bones.

In addition, the taste of chives is also very appetizing. Many expectant mothers will lose their appetite during pregnancy. At this time, it is best to eat some chives for appetizing.

It should be noted that lactating women are advised to eat less leek.

Because leek has the effect of returning milk, it will lead to reduced milk secretion and reduce milk secretion after production.

In addition, chives are sweet and spicy, and excessive consumption often causes diarrhea. It is recommended that you control the amount when eating!

Some people should not eat leek1. People with indigestion or weak gastrointestinal function are susceptible to heartburn and should not eat more.

2, “Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded: “Leek more food is dizzy, especially after drinking.”

Modern medicine believes that people with hyperactivity and thermal implantation are not suitable for consumption.

3. People with tonsillitis, nasal purulence, and otitis media cannot eat leek.

4, do not like spicy food, people who are prone to allergies should not eat, in addition, special populations should eat less leek.


[How to squeeze peanut juice]_ production method _ how to make

[How to squeeze peanut juice]_ production method _ how to make

Peanuts help to absorb and promote digestion at the same time, and at the same time make our body really understand what the deliciousness of peanuts is. In fact, there are many ways to eat peanuts in peacetime. First, you can make peanut juice.You need to pay attention to prepare some red dates, because peanuts and red dates are a perfect combination. The two types together can give a strong jujube fragrance to the peanuts.

Gourmet introduction and effect: Qi and Blood Double Tonic Recipes Taste: Sweetness Process: Cooking Ingredients: 45 g jujube (dried), 90 g peanuts Seasoning: 5 grams of red sugar.

Cook the peanuts and peel them after cooling.


Add red dates and water, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, add brown sugar, and dissolve the sugar and collect the juice.

Health Tips for Qi and Blood.

Jujube and peanut are rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and other elements and vitamins; brown sugar oxides iron, glucose and various nutrients

Red jujube is warm and sweet, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and nourishing qi and vitality; red granulated sugar is warm and sweet, nourishing middle, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Food with grams of peanuts: For those with weak stomachs, peanuts should not be eaten with cucumbers, crabs or crabs, otherwise diarrhea is likely to occur.


[Purpose of Sanminzhi for purple cabbage pancakes]_Homemade practices of Sanminzhi for purple cabbage pancakes_Practice of Sanminzhi for purple cabbage pancakes_How to do Sanminzhi for purple cabbage pancakes

There is no way to talk about it, but it ‘s not a good idea to talk about it, but it ‘s not a good idea between you and me.Do you want to go to the next place? Do you have a pick-up pot?
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[How to make hot pot spicy shrimp]_Recommended diet

[How to make hot pot spicy shrimp]_Recommended diet

The hot pot spicy shrimp is full of spicy taste, and with the delicious taste of the shrimp and tender meat, it has become the favorite of many friends who like spicy food. The special dry pot method is used to make the oil in the pot fragrantAfter the combination of other spices, the flavor is delicious.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the practice of hot pot spicy shrimp, killing you to make at home and enjoy the taste of this dish.

First, process and wash the prawns.

The shrimp you buy must be fresh and live. Dead shrimp can breed bacteria and have a bad taste and taste.

Remove the fresh prawns first, and after cleaning, use a knife to make a slight stroke on the back of the shrimp to remove the mud sausage.

Soak in salt water, add cooking wine to remove fishy smell, and wash prawns thoroughly.

Then, cook the seasoning.

Prepare the necessary seasonings and ingredients, mince garlic, ginger, and spring onions.

Cut the dried chilli into sections, wash and cut the green pepper into pieces.

Select the parsley, cut into small pieces after washing.

When frying seasonings, you should pay attention to the hot oil fire and stir-fry quickly, can fully emit their fragrance.

After the incense, replace the high fire with a low fire.

Finally, make spicy shrimp.

Prepare a clean pan, add an appropriate amount of water, and put the prawns in the pan. This will make it easier to cook when cooking continuously.

Remove the water and drain, add to the cooked seasoning, and stir-fry.

The potatoes can also be peeled and cut into small pieces, fried in an oil pan, and cooked with prawns. After the oil in the pan is fried and dried, stir the salt to serve.

The above is the specific method of hot pot spicy shrimp. In fact, the production method is relatively simple. It is necessary to pay attention to clean the prawns and remove the inedible parts.

Then you can make the seasoning according to your own taste. The dried hot and spicy shrimp can be eaten with rice. It tastes particularly fragrant and you can try it at home.


[Spicy Dry Pot Beef]_Dry Pan Beef_How to_Practice

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[How to match flower tea?】 _How to match_How to match

銆 愯 姳 巺 谺 簲 簲 簲 璲 烲 閏 囏 纆 銆 慱 軱 軝 玞 玞 鎼  calendar_ 濡 綍 玼  Calendar
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[Can pregnant women drink orange juice]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink orange juice]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

The arrival of a new life is always exciting, and prospective fathers and mothers will also become very cautious and pay more attention to daily eating and drinking.

Some foods that are usually consumed or very nutritious may have adverse effects on pregnant women and even pregnant women.

So which foods should pregnant women fast or eat less?

Today we will discuss whether orange juice is suitable for pregnant women.

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, which is very good for babies. It is best to squeeze fresh oranges at home. It is best not to drink bottled drinks outside. The sugar and additives are too high, which is harmful to the body and harm.

Orange juice has a stimulating effect on the stomach wall, so the interval between meals is zero.

It is better to drink for about an hour. Remember not to drink on an empty stomach. This has no effect on indigestion.

Drinking orange juice can be supplemented with some vitamin C, refreshing and quenching thirst, reducing fat and blood pressure, protecting the heart, digesting food, leaching the card, laxative, relieving qi and dissipating energy, replenishing energy, nourishing skin, and anti-cancer.

However, drinking orange juice may have higher sugar content than drinking soda. Drinking more orange juice is harmful to your health, but pregnant women with gestational diabetes should not drink it.

Orange juice is rich in vitamins C and P, which can increase the body resistance of pregnant women, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol.

Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis often eat orange juice is beneficial.

The cellulose and pectin substances contained in orange juice can promote the peristalsis of pregnant women, help to clear the bowel, and remove harmful substances in the body.

Pregnant women should not eat with betel nut when drinking orange juice. At the same time, it should not be eaten before meals or on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the organic acids contained in orange juice will stimulate the gastric mucosa, which is not good for the stomach.

Do not drink milk within 1 hour before and after drinking orange juice, because the protein in milk will solidify when it encounters fruit acid, which will affect digestion and absorption.

How do pregnant women squeeze orange juice to drink? It is dry and dry. Moms know that in such weather, they should drink more water to prevent disease and dryness.

But our babies are not very cooperative, and many babies do not like to drink water.

This can be terrible for parents. You can use oranges to squeeze orange juice. Orange juice does not need to add any seasonings and can maintain its original flavor. Babies really like flavorful foods.

Not only does your baby have a good meal, it also provides essential nutrients for your health. Orange juice contains sugar, minerals, organic enzymes, carotene and vitamins.

Take some time each day to make a fresh and delicious orange juice, without coloring, flavor, and less sugar, and add enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements when allowed.

Orange juice is a very popular drink in the family. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can increase human resistance and reduce colds, while at the same time ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

In summary, pregnant women can drink orange juice, but remember not to buy bottled drinks outside, it is best to squeeze fresh orange juice, which is beneficial to the health of pregnant women and the development of their baby!