De Shuai set 3 goals for the Rockets 3 giant!


Harden Anthony needs to improve 1 point Paul will play health basketball

De Shuai set 3 goals for the Rockets 3 giant!
Harden Anthony needs to improve 1 point Paul will play health basketball

On September 26th, Beijing time, the new season training camp officially kicked off. In an interview, D’Antono also revealed his three goals in the new season.

According to the famous journalist Kelly Iko, D’Antoni hopes that the Rockets will be ranked in the top two in both sides of the league in both offense and defense. He will be important to Knight and hope to help the point guard return to the peak.

Last season, the most balanced team in the league was the Rockets, the Warriors and the Raptors. These three teams ranked in the top 5 in both the offense and defense.

But D’Antoni put forward the goal of the first two, which is really no small challenge for the Rockets. It can even be said that this goal is comparable to the difficulty of winning the championship.

In fact, since Tucker became the starting 4 of the Rockets and the small incision at the 5th position, the overall defense of the Rockets has once again ushered in.

However, this season, in the case of loss of Ariza and Paul, Tucker and Capella’s defense have reached the top, the performance of Anthony and Harden, to some extent, determines the level of the Rockets defense.

Therefore, the Rockets want to reach the top two defenses that D’Antoni is looking forward to, Harden and Anthony must make an effort.

With excellent player strength, you need to improve your speed and enthusiasm on the defensive end, to ensure that the team’s unlimited change can be rotated.

For those stars who can defend their defenses and defenses, the new season is not a good day.

For another Rockets giant, Paul, he may be a lot easier in the new season.

Paul’s injury in the playoffs last season, let Morey and De Antonio replace his essence and need to protect him in the regular season.

So, this summer, Morey introduced McAway and Knight to replace the backup point guard.

In today’s training, D’Antoni expressed his wish to restore Knight to the All-Star level.

As the gospel of the point guard, D’Antoni’s ability to train guards is unquestionable, and Jeremy Lin, Harden and other players have ushered in an outburst.

Knight at the peak of the period, can contribute 19 in the solar field.

6 points and 5.

With 1 assist, the overall performance is very bright.

But the disease that has been hurt in the last three seasons has made his data serious.

According to D’Antoni, no matter when Knight returns, he will reuse the player who has performed very well.

As a result, the rotation of the Rockets in the backcourt has further increased, which is definitely a boon for Paul.

Maybe in the regular season, she can play health basketball like her good friend James.


German research: Inhalation of car exhaust can cause Alzheimer’s disease


German research: Inhalation of car exhaust can cause Alzheimer’s disease

A recent study by German scientists found that women who live in street-facing homes and breathe car exhaust all year round are prone to symptoms of marked deterioration in their cognitive ability when they are old, and may suffer from dementia.

銆€銆€From Heinrich, Germany?

Scientists at the Center for Environmental Medicine Research at the University of Heiney surveyed 399 older women between the ages of 68 and 79.

They have lived in a certain place for more than 20 years.

The results of the study showed that the closer they lived to the road, the more complications were recovered, and the more severe the decline in memory and cognitive ability.

銆€銆€The researchers analyzed data from the German environmental protection department over the past 25 years on the contamination of the elderly women surveyed, and the levels of intake of these older women were calculated and compared.

銆€銆€At the same time, the researchers also conducted a series of neurophysiological and cognitive ability tests, including oral presentation, learning ability, memory and so on.

It was found that elderly women living in areas with increased traffic density and heavy pollution had a higher risk of cognitive impairment, and cognitive impairment was medically considered to further lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

銆€銆€The study, published in the latest issue of the US Journal of Environmental Studies, reported for the first time that cognitive impairment was linked to inhaling car exhaust.