Kidney deficiency diet

Kidney deficiency diet

How to do kidney loss food therapy 1, Sishen pot tofu pot kidney tonic method materials: Fructus quinquefasciata, Poria quinquefolium, Huaishan five quinces, lotus seeds five quinces, one pound of tofu, two potatoes, two mushrooms.

  Practice 1, Poria, Poria, Huaishan flour, wash lotus seeds.

  2. Wash the tofu, cut into two centimeters, and dry with salt.

  3. Soak the mushrooms in water and peel, and peel and cut the potatoes.

  4. Increase the heat in the wok and pour in the peanut oil.

  5. After tofu wipes off salt, it is fried with potatoes and picked up.

  6. Put tofu, shiitake mushrooms, potatoes and lotus seeds in the saucepan.

  7, and then add flour, water, Poria, Poria, Huaishan and other materials.

  8. Add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then cook slowly for an hour on low heat.

  Second, pork belly sanshen soup pot kidney material: lotus seed one or two, lotus fruit one or two, Huaishan one or two, puzzle kernel one or two, pig belly.

  Practice 1, remove the slag of Zhiren Ren Jian Tang.

  2. Soak the lotus seeds, coriander, and Huaishan into the Zhiren Rentang for two hours.

  3. Load it into the cleaned pork belly.

  4. Add to a saucepan, and simmer for three hours.


3 voice-protection tips to keep you cool

3 voice-protection tips to keep you cool

3 tricks to keep your throat cool and cool in the summer. If there is no firefighter to help your throat “extinguish the fire”, the hot summer will surely make you “burn the throat”, dry cough.
Like the throat lozenge that is usually served, it is a fire extinguishing artifact. It is not only cool and refreshing, but also a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient. It has certain anti-inflammatory, anti-fire, and expectorant effects, and it can extinguish the throat.
In addition, the old Chinese medicine for the prone to suffer from throat discomfort in summer, to “cool off in a summer”.
客服电话忙,润喉糖来帮忙 电话客服、推销员等咨询服务人员因为日常接听电话较多,而且需要保持一定分贝,存在用嗓过度的问题,所以大部分客服工作者都会存在咽喉干痒、I want to cough and sore throat.
It is recommended that these customer service staff who often call to avoid the consumption of irritating foods as much as possible, and mainly to light diet.
When the throat is uncomfortable, it can also contain some throat candy, which can effectively moisturize and protect the throat.
Because customer service workers usually work under pressure and have more depressed moods, they need to learn to adjust their emotions appropriately, such as climbing and other appropriate sports.
White-collar workers are busy with drinks to help white-collar workers who work hard for their families and careers. Busy work has become a source of stress, causing the body to be overwhelmed, its resistance decreased, and its state of sub-health.
The summer weather is hot, and many companies have turned on the air conditioners early, and they know that the air circulation in closed rooms is poor, so it provides opportunities for the growth of bacteria.
White-collar workers have naturally become the crowd with high incidence of sore throat and tonsillitis in summer, and dry throats, itching, and pain have become commonplace.
It is recommended that white-collar workers can make some hot drinks such as green tea, honey chrysanthemum tea, throat throat herbal tea and other heat-relieving and detoxifying drinks when they work, which can refresh the thirst, clear heat and detoxify, nourish yin and nourish the lungs, and help relieve the symptoms of dry throat and itching.
In addition, try not to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Open the windows regularly to let the room air flow.
At the same time, try to avoid staying up late and give your throat a full rest.
Teachers use a lot of voices and acupuncture points to help Teachers, as gardeners who cultivate the flowers of the motherland, bear the responsibility of teaching and educating people, and naturally use their voices.
Non-stop shuttles between lecture halls, and rarely get enough rest in the throat and drink less water, so many teachers will suffer from pharyngitis, which will seriously affect work.
Teachers are advised to avoid using their voices when they are resting, and return home to rest their voices.
Drink as much water as possible after class, and you can also eat kumquat. It is rich in multivitamins and calcium, which can eliminate throat inflammation.
In addition, when you are busy with work, you can also press the tip of your left hand’s ring finger to have a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Stick three times a day, press before meals, and press for 10-15 minutes each time, usually 3-4 days.Works.


Job change, do you own these capitals?

Job change, do you own these capitals?

The labor market is far from saturated. At present, the Shanghai job market has been affected. Some companies ‘recruitment plans have been frozen or shrunk. However, there are still many companies that need to recruit new people.There are numerous positions with development potential.

  First, the difference in education income is increased due to the increase in the degree of transfer of education. According to the survey, the average annual salary will increase by 8 for each additional year of education.

3% (except MBA), people with higher education level and good practical working ability usually get better paid jobs.

  Second, as experience increases with age and work experience, salary levels will also increase.

The average annual salary of those who have worked for more than 6 years has reached 4.

More than 50,000 yuan, twice as long as those who work less than one year.

That is to say, salary is directly proportional to experience, with more experience, and long working hours naturally win more rewards.

“Finance” magazine conducted a survey, the results of the survey of sales staff are: sales manager with 2 years of experience, the average annual salary is 3.

270,000 yuan, and an average of 7 years with 13 years of experience.

180,000 yuan.

  Third, the National Bureau of Social and Economic Survey of the National Bureau of Statistics conducted a questionnaire survey of 9,956 urban high-income families in 10 provinces, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang.

Nationally, the income of young people aged 25-35 is currently higher than other age groups, accounting for 37% of urban high-income people.

It shows that the changing development of society, English and computers have become more and more basic tools instead of skills. Practitioners (especially senior managers) have mastered the ability to transform into new knowledge, which can be replaced by knowledge, and can compete in talents.Favorable conditions.

Therefore, the proportion of people aged 30-40 in the middle-to-high-income group will rapidly expand.

  Fourth, the industry survey of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen white-collar annual salary shows that the highest income in Beijing is the computer industry, the average annual salary of white-collar workers is 50,000 yuan; Shanghai, Guangzhou are the “lawyer, accountant” industryAt the top of the list, the average annual salary is 5.

420,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan; in Shenzhen, the highest salary is “education, culture, scientific research, medical care” industry, with an average annual salary of up to 7.

20,000 yuan.

  Fifth, although English still has some doubts about the English proficiency test in the society, in the workplace, English is a big “magic weapon” that adds extra pay.

The survey shows that as foreign language skills improve, their salary will become more competitive.

The average annual salary of “proficient” people with foreign language skills is nearly 16,000 yuan more than that of “medium” people.

Even with the standard of the second half of last year, the average salary of foreign language proficients has increased by nearly 2,000 yuan, while the average salary of foreign language proficients has increased by only 300 yuan.

  Six, the overall quality of individuals A survey of white-collar workers in high-income foreign companies shows that: high education is not exactly the same as high income, excellent personal quality is the key factor to obtain high salary.

At present, high-paid income earners have basic interpersonal relationships, professionalism, and the ability to continuously learn.

  Seven, successful job transfers exceed quality, whether in the original unit or a successful transfer to another new unit, will have a higher salary than the average level, and successful job transfers to expand the acceleration of rewards.

  Knowing the above information, you will understand why some people not only jump poorly, but also jump lower and lower.

In turn, at least the talents with various advantages mentioned above are also the backbone of enterprises to find ways to stay. In the face of increasingly fierce competition for talents, enterprises are also thinking hard to maintain their own talent territory and retain them in various ways.Live talent.


Winter health must adhere to the four-character formula

Winter health must adhere to the “four-character formula”

Winter is the end of the four seasons.
The weather is freezing, the wind is scorching, the vegetation is withering, and the insects are dormant. It is the season with the lowest temperature in the year, and all things are hidden.
Therefore, the “Nei Jing” said: “March in winter, this is considered closed.”
In winter, the human body should be in the kidney. The kidney is the essence of yin and yang in the body, and the yang is hidden in the winter. The yin and essence are full of abundance. It is a good time for “nourishing energy and accumulating energy.”The way to keep in good health in winter is also called the way to keep in good condition.
Therefore, winter health should pay attention to avoiding the cold and warming, converging the sun and protecting the yin, focusing on a “Tibetan” character.
具体体现在以下几个方面:  早睡迟起 《黄帝内经》称“冬三月……早卧晚起,必待日光”,意思是说在冬季应该早睡晚起,等太阳出来以后再活动.
In the cold winter, it is especially important to ensure adequate sleep time. From the perspective of traditional health sciences, an appropriate increase in sleep time in winter is conducive to the hidden potential of yang and the accumulation of yin essence, which can enable the body to achieve the “yin and yang secret, spiritualNoji “state of health.
  Wash your face with cold water Refresh your face with cold water to refresh your mind, exercise cold resistance, not only prevent colds, but also play a role in facial beauty, but also treat chronic rhinitis.
If combined with massage of auricle, Yintang, sun, cheek car and other points, the effect will be better.
  Drink warm water in the morning After washing your face and brushing your teeth, drink 1 cup of warm water. On the one hand, you can warm up and clean your stomach and intestines, on the other hand, you can dilute the blood, prevent cerebral thrombosis and myocardial ischemia, while maintaining cell penetration and promoting cell metabolism.
  Back warmth Evil qi such as wind and cold can easily penetrate through the back of the human body and cause diseases.
The elderly, children and frail people should pay attention to keep their backs warm in winter to avoid yang damage.
  Moderate room temperature The weather is cold in winter and the indoor temperature should be suitable. The room temperature is most suitable for 18 to 25 ℃. Too high or too low indoor temperature is not good for health.
If the indoor temperature is too high, it will cause the indoor and outdoor temperature difference to be too large, which may cause a cold. If the indoor temperature is too low, people living in a low temperature environment for a long time may easily cause respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
The thickness of the bedding should be appropriately adjusted according to the change of room temperature, taking the human body to feel warm without sweating.
To minimize the number of going out, such as wearing warm clothes and shoes and socks.
  Open the window for ventilation In winter, care should be taken to keep the indoor air fresh.
In winter, some people close the doors and windows tightly because of fear of cold, which makes the indoor air unable to circulate in a timely manner and becomes foul, which affects health.
Therefore, while adjusting the indoor temperature in winter, you should also pay attention to the indoor air circulation and humidity adjustment. When the weather is sunny, you should open the window and ventilate in time.
  Sun more often In the winter with severe climate, the cold is easy to hurt the body’s yang, while the sun gives people warmth, makes the yang clear, qi and blood circulate, and the whole body is smooth, thereby enhancing the ability to resist evil.
  It is recommended to take less baths in the winter. A little carelessness will cause colds and colds, and induce respiratory diseases.
Therefore, the number of baths should be reduced, and the elderly and those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention.
  Soak your feet and relax your feet. The feet are the foundation of the human body and have a close relationship with the mind and heart.
If you wash your feet with hot water before going to bed in winter, you can not only promote blood circulation in your feet and prevent the occurrence of frostbite on your feet, but also help to eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.
  Winter training “Three nine winter training” is a positive way to keep warm and keep fit.
Winter exercise time can be appropriately extended, and the amount of exercise should be appropriately increased. According to the age and physical strength of each person, choose long-distance running, boxing, ice skating, skiing and other sports.
The lungs are opened to the skin. Through outdoor activities, the body’s oxygen supply can be increased and disease resistance can be improved.
But winter exercise must pay attention to grasp a “degree”, can not overdraw the body’s energy.
  Moderate housework Chinese medicine believes that kidney essence is the foundation of human life.
Insexual intercourse will damage kidney essence. Over time, kidney qi will be involved, which will lead to symptoms of premature aging, such as debilitating, deaf ears, dull face and dry skin.
Therefore, abstinence solidification is even more worthy of attention.
  The basic principle of dietary health in the winter is based on “calorie calories”. Therefore, foods that should be eaten in winter include lamb, dog, duck, fish, eggs, radishes, walnuts, chestnuts, sweet potatoes and so on.
At the same time, the principle of “less salt and more bitterness” must be followed.
Winter is when the renal meridian is strong, and the kidneys are salty, and the heart is bitter. When you eat more salty, it will make the kidney water that is already too high, and weaken the strength of the heart yang.
Therefore, you should eat more bitter foods to help Xin Yang.
At the same time should also eat more foods containing vitamin B2, in order to prevent dry skin, cracking.
Avoid sticky, cold foods in the winter diet, because these foods will damage the spleen and stomach.
  Appropriate tonics The folk has the custom of “three winter supplements”. At this time, tonics can strengthen the roots, cultivate vitality, and strengthen resistance, laying a good foundation for the next year’s physical health.Winter supplements are suitable for warming kidney yang, medicated dietary supplements such as ephedra with sliced lamb soup, Shenfu beef soup, and impotence dog meat bite.

It should be noted that the supplements need to be targeted according to specific conditions such as physical fitness, age, and gender.

  Prevention of diseases The cold weather in winter, the body’s yang is hidden inside, prone to respiratory tract and some cold diseases, common colds, bronchitis, bronchial ulcers, pneumonia, arthritis, frostbite and so on.

Cold can stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement, cause sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve imbalance, shrink small arteries and change vasoconstriction, meanwhile, increase blood viscosity, shorten blood clotting time, slow blood flow speed, easily cause blood stasis or vascular infarctionIt can induce stroke, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other critical diseases.

Therefore, in the cold winter season, for patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease, it is necessary to be particularly vigilant and beware of prevention.

  In addition to being aware of maintaining mental quietness, you also need to learn to adjust bad moods in time when God is hiding.

When you are in a state of tension, excitement, anxiety, depression, etc., you should restore psychological calm as soon as possible.

In the severe winter, the withered wood and the withering of all things often cause people to touch the scene and become susceptible to winter mood depression.

Therefore, it is even more important to chat with friends in winter, maintain an open and optimistic mood, do a good job of regulating psychological balance, establish a passion for life, and invigorate the spirit.


Must-have strategy: prevent winter respiratory disease

Must-have strategy: prevent winter respiratory disease

Winter is a season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases. Although most people know more than a certain pattern of common sense, most of them know why they don’t.

Experts provided some precautionary measures and explained the reason, which brakes people to prevent diseases more effectively and maintain respiratory tract health.

  Common respiratory infections are common cold, influenza, measles, chicken pox, rubella, mumps, etc. These diseases are mainly transmitted through air droplets.

To prevent respiratory infectious diseases, the following should be noted: avoid cold. When the human body is cold, the blood vessels in the respiratory tract contract, the blood supply is reduced, the local resistance is reduced, and the virus is easily invaded.

  Purify the environment to keep indoor air fresh.

Fresh air can eliminate excess moisture and replace indoor pollutants.

The windows should be opened regularly to keep the air flowing; let the sun shine into the room, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun have a germicidal effect; you can also use vinegar to fumigation the room to improve the disinfection effect.

  Supplement nutrition appropriately increase water and vitamin intake.

Pay attention to add more high-nutrition foods such as fish, meat, eggs, and milk to enhance the body’s immune function; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with vitamin D to neutralize toxins in the body and improve disease resistance; dry winter weather, air dustHigh content, the human nasal mucosa is easy to damage. Pay attention to drink plenty of water to keep the nasal mucosa moist, which can effectively resist the invasion of the virus, and also help to excrete toxins in the body and purify the internal environment.

  Pay attention to the rules of life to ensure adequate sleep.

Abnormal life can easily weaken the immune system function; excess sleep can eliminate fatigue, regulate various functions of the human body, and enhance immunity.

Biotin classified exercise can enhance blood circulation and improve immunity.

But don’t do morning exercises in foggy days, because dense fog contains at least a lot of harmful substances, and water vapor splits, which will affect the gas exchange in human lungs.

  To strengthen personal hygiene and personal protection, wash your hands and gargle frequently. Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth and other parts with dirty hands.

Keep your knowledge out of the air.

  Try to get to less crowded public places.

  You can wear a mask when you go out on a foggy day.

  Immune prophylaxis nutritional nutrition should be carried out before the season, such as influenza, pneumonia, measles, meningococcal and other vaccines.

  Early detection and early treatment When one or more respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, dyspnea, and shortness of breath occur in or around you, you should promptly go to the hospital for treatment, and don’t take it for granted, and don’t take medicine yourself to avoid delayDiagnosis and treatment can delay oneself and affect others.


Wolfberry walnut kidney soup


Wolfberry walnut kidney soup

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]2 pig kidneys, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 30 grams of walnut meat, 60 grams of Shouwu, 30 grams of Morinda citrifolia, 15 grams of raw land, 3 slices of ginger

  [Making]Chinese wolfberry, Shouwu, Morinda, washed in place, walnut meat with hot water to remove clothes.

Wash the pig kidney, cut away the white fat film, slice, and fry the ginger slightly.

Put all the Chinese medicines into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and simmer for 2 hours.

Finally, add pork kidney slices, cook for 5 minutes, season with salt, and drink pork kidney.

1 serving per day.

  [Efficacy]Bushen filling essence, black beard polysaccharide.

For early white hair, weak waist and knees, weak bones and muscles, dizziness and tinnitus.


Get out of two misunderstandings and let your baby have good teeth

Get out of two misunderstandings and let your baby have good teeth

The latest national oral health epidemiological survey report shows that 5-year-old children have caries of deciduous teeth66.

0%, dental caries 3.

5, 2/3 of the children have 3 evenly.

5 teeth!

Experts point out that such a high proportion is more or less related to parental supervision and guidance and many misconceptions about treating children’s dental caries.

Misunderstanding one: change the deciduous tooth sooner or later, it does n’t matter if it ‘s broken. Clinical observations found that “anyway, it ‘s okay to change the tooth sooner or later. It ‘s okay.”Parents hang on their lips.

He pointed out that, in fact, the baby’s deciduous teeth began to be replaced around the age of 6, and it was not completed until the age of 12.

Some adults have broken teeth and irregular teeth. It is not because of rumors that “the teeth that have been replaced have not been placed properly.”

Because children’s deciduous tooth caries without treatment can cause irregular dentition, affecting the development of permanent teeth.

If deciduous tooth caries develops into periapical periodontitis of deciduous teeth, it may spread to subsequent permanent tooth germs at the root end of the tooth, resulting in enamel hypoplasia.

In addition, dental caries can lead to prolonged or premature extraction of the crown of deciduous teeth, causing multiple adjacent teeth to move toward this gap, causing subsequent permanent teeth to erupt due to insufficient gaps, causing abnormal position, and affecting the order of permanent teeth eruptionLocation, causing uneven tooth distribution, affecting the aesthetics of a lifetime.

These are not alarmists. Clinically, some children’s individual permanent teeth have chalky or yellow-brown plaques on their teeth. In severe cases, there are depressions in the teeth, which are caused by permanent enamel hypoplasia.

Others use tooth and tooth for a long time because of dental caries. As a result, the development of the skin is asymmetric and the deformities of the jaw are different.

In addition, the fractured teeth of the deciduous teeth, especially the severely fractured teeth of the anterior teeth, will affect the child’s best, and the development of language conversion ability will have an adverse effect.

Misunderstanding 2: “Dental cavity” is not painful and itching, and it is not necessary to treat. If “dental cavity” is not painful and itchy, does it not need treatment?

Jing Xiangdong explained that the appearance and exacerbation of dental caries are gradual. Generally, children do not feel pain when their teeth show a “small hole”, but as the saying goes, “small holes do not make up, big holes suffer”It becomes a large hole and develops into pulpitis, and the periapical periodontitis will appear pain and swelling. At this time, it is more troublesome to treat it again.

Young children have not developed good oral care habits, especially if they do not brush or clean their teeth before going to bed, food debris will soon be fermented to produce acids under the action of bacteria, coupled with a small amount of saliva in the mouth due to sleep, cannot be replaced.Neutralizing the acid produced by bacteria, teeth are easily susceptible to corrosion, which is the primary cause of high incidence of dental caries in too many children.

Parents are advised to take their children to the hospital to check their oral cavity every six months, and let the dentist carefully check whether the teeth have “small holes” in the armour and deal with them early.

Experts suggest that you should cultivate good habits for the first tooth. The most direct way to prevent dental caries is to cultivate good habits from a young age. He suggests that parents can help and guide their children to do daily oral care from the following: 1.

Cultivate good oral hygiene habits: When your baby develops his or her first tooth, the mother will do oral care for the baby.

Before going to bed in the morning and at night, wrap a clean gauze around the index finger and clean the teeth and gums with water, which is helpful to keep the deciduous teeth clean. Massage the gums can also promote tooth eruption.

After teething, the baby usually drinks a few sips of boiling water after drinking milk to clean his mouth and protect his teeth.

From the age of 3, children should develop a good habit of brushing their teeth sooner or later.


Cultivate good eating habits: Encourage your children not to be picky, not partial, eat less snacks, eat more grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods that are good for your teeth. Promote the development of your jaw through full chewing, and make your teeth more tidy and easier to clean.

In addition, try to develop a good habit of gargle after eating and not eating before going to bed.


Eliminate other bad habits: Some children have tongue spitting, finger sucking, licking their teeth, biting their pencils, biting their clothes, biting their lips, sucking their fingers, unilateral chewing and other bad habits during teething and changing teeth. Parents should correct them in time, otherwise they willCauses deformity of the teeth and affects the child’s ability to bite the teeth.


What do people say

What do people say

People are in contact with each other, communicate, and communicate without language.

Lenin said that language is an extremely important means of human communication.

In most cases, language can regulate human behavior and stimulate beautiful emotions.

The application of language is more of speaking.

As the saying goes: “A beautiful saying is three winters warm, and bad words hurt June cold”.

  It can be seen that people’s words can play an amazing role.

  How do you speak so that someone will be heard?

  First, it is civil, etiquette to speak out.

  In ancient China, there was a story of “how to ask for courtesy”. It said that a person from Kaifeng to Suzhou to do business lost his way on the way to Suzhou and hesitated at the Sancha intersection.

Suddenly, when he saw an old cow herd beside a nearby pond, he hurried over to ask for directions: “Hey, old man!

Which way is right from here to Suzhou?

How much is left?

The old man looked up and saw that a man in his thirties was asking for directions, because he was not polite and disgusted, and said, “Take the middle road, there are about six or seven thousand feet away in SuzhouDistance.

The man asked strangely, “Oh!

Old man, how can you talk about this place without walking?

The old man said, “This place has always been preaching (li). Since there are people who are not preaching (li) here, it is no longer preaching (li)!”

“This story is a mockery of people who are not polite, and it also shows that the Chinese nation has the traditional virtue of being polite.

  This story millennium blushes those who speak rudely in today’s society.

  As another example, there is a class going to a store to participate in social practice activities.

First sent a classmate to contact, but was rejected by the store; another classmate was sent to contact, and they were welcome.

How is this going?

It turned out that the classmate who went first talked impolitely and was open-minded in the city. You should receive us.

The classmate who went there waited outside the manager’s office for the manager to finish the work, and then knocked gently on the door. After getting permission, he entered the room, took out the introduction letter, and begged, “Uncle, we have something to trouble you and the storeUncles and aunts . please give us your support . thank you.

Something said the manager’s heart was warm, of course he readily agreed.

  Civilized words, reasonable and ceremonial words are heard because it makes the listener respected, feels the value of their existence, and thus creates trust in the other party.

Do the students have such an experience: most of the feelings a person has for himself are extended from the feelings others have for himself.

If you hear what others are saying to you is impolite, harsh, or even disgusting, you will not feel well in your heart and lose confidence in yourself.

  Second, speaking should be divided into time, place, occasion, and pay attention to methods and methods.


Consider the emotions of the listener.

For example, a classmate accidentally dropped a newly bought pen on the floor and broke the pen tip.

He was anxious, but you said, “The old one won’t go, the new one won’t come.

“Can he be happy when he hears it?”

If you say, “Don’t worry, let me see . it can be repaired. You use mine first, and I will repair it with you after school.”

“He will be happy.

For another example, a classmate bought an electronic watch, and he liked it so much, but you said, “Ah, it doesn’t look good, and this watch doesn’t work well.

“You said he was comfortable in the heart?

You know, when a person decides to buy an item, in addition to its use value, there is also a problem of psychological satisfaction.The things he likes are more expensive and happy.

  But when he buys back something that others say is not good or not, it often makes him feel psychologically lost and the value becomes worthless.

Therefore, when we are not quite sure, we should not be fussy about other people’s favorite items.


The time, place, and occasion of speaking are also important.

If your fellow student is hospitalized and he is very ill, when you go to see him, don’t say how serious and dangerous your disease is. Instead, persuade him to rest and recuperate, cooperate with the doctor to actively treat him, and make him full of confidence.Let me say something.

This is not the same as seeking truth from facts, because unlucky words can only increase the patient’s mental pressure.

For another example, if you go to the store to buy something, the salesperson is counting the money paid by another customer. At this moment, you want to shout: “Please give me a pound of vinegar!

“The salesperson will ignore you, which is just as unpleasant as interrupting others.

  One of my classmates moved to a new middle school because of moving.

On the first day of class, he felt that the blackboard newspaper in the class was out of date. He thought that he would be responsible for the blackboard newspaper in the original school. He should do a good thing for the new class, and found the monitor, saying, “You seeIt’s time to change the newsletter. You can leave the newsletter classmates out of school. Let me change the new content with them.

“I didn’t expect the monitor to glance at him and ignore him.

  Why is that?

Because the first day he went to school, he judged the work in the class, and he fiddled. Who would buy his account?

Some words are right in isolation, but at certain times, occasions do not work, and some people cannot accept them. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to speaking at a certain time, and only by accident can you get the best results.


Do n’t say things that people do n’t want to say; do n’t want to tell you what they do n’t tell you; do n’t expose them.

For example, you introduce someone to a classmate and say, “He used to steal other people’s things, but now he has improved and joined the group.

“The introduced student won’t feel good about it.

Someone’s family member died unfortunately, you should comfort him, don’t open your mouth and say “dead”.

In addition, jokes also need to master the scale.


Speak with style and methods.

For example, this classmate should be on duty on this day to clean up, but he can carry his schoolbag and go home after school.

If you say: “Aren’t you in this class?

What day did you forget today?

It’s your job to slip away and be lazy!

“Can he accept it?

But if you say: “Today is your duty, you must have forgotten?

“He must not be unhappy.

Therefore, even critics need someone to listen to it.

Don’t buckle your hat, don’t speak absolutely, don’t be embarrassing, leave room for words, hurry up and hurt your feelings.

To say this is not to ask the students to flatter and flattery, to engage in hypocrisy, to play tricks, or to avoid principle.

Concession on the principle is not to not let others down.

  Speech is the voice, and language is one of the most convincing signs of internal civilization.

Therefore, fundamentally speaking, it is the old saying that civilized people speak civilized words.

I hope that my classmates will be civilized, master the art of speaking, and make people listen.


Comic actor Xiao Lin’s death stems from all evil leukemia

Comic actor Xiao Lin’s death stems from all evil leukemia

Recently, the famous comic actor Xiao Lin passed away at the age of 59. Li Jing, Ha Wen, Da Chun, Zhao Jianming’s showbiz people have expressed their condolences, and wish Teacher Xiao Lin a good journey.

According to informed sources, Xiao Lin suffered from sepsis and has been hospitalized for treatment.

It is reported that the recovery was good before the Spring Festival, but the condition suddenly worsened and deteriorated two weeks ago, and he failed to recover from the hospital.

A reporter contacted Zhao Yiyang, the son of Xiao Lin (formerly known as Zhao Xuelin). Zhao Yiyang said that his father had died unfortunately, and the next funeral location would be released by the Railway Workers’ Group.

Leukemia is so terrible, how can we prevent it?

  1. Avoid contact with special chemicals such as benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and paint. Leukemia has been proven. Therefore, workers engaged in related work must strengthen labor protection. Ventilation should be strengthened after the new house is renovated.

Acetalmorin, chloramphenicol, cytotoxic anticancer drugs, etc. cause acute leukemia, so the above drugs must be applied under the guidance of a doctor, and the blood routine should be checked regularly to avoid losing one another because of small loss.

In addition, hair dyes can also cause leukemia, only to be beautiful, regardless of health, is really worth the loss.

  2. Don’t over-extract your body to prevent leukemia. Also pay attention to try to use environmentally friendly materials in the decoration, and don’t over-extract your body.

For example, most people like to stay up late. Although there is nothing short of short-term, staying up late may reduce the body’s immunity.

Decreased human immunity may create conditions for various diseases.

In this sense, adherence to normal schedules, diet, and protection of your immunity can reduce the incidence of leukemia.

  3. Early warning signs of leukemia appear. Early warning signs of leukemia should be checked in time including fever, tiredness, epistaxis, bleeding gums, menstruation, joint pain, skin and mucous membrane spots, ecchymosis, and lymphadenopathy.

Once the above-mentioned early warning signs appear, you only need to do a routine blood test to determine whether it is leukemia.

If unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia, early treatment can do more with less.


Three health porridge recipes to nourish your body in winter

Three health porridge recipes to nourish your body in winter

Nourishing the body in winter, drinking porridge is the simplest and cheapest way.

But if you want to enhance the nutritional value of porridge, then you have to use snacks to make the food of porridge.

  Three winter health porridge: 1, Huaishan lean meat porridge is yam lean meat porridge.

This is a kind of salty porridge for young and old, supplemented with starch and matched with rhizomes, can strengthen the spleen and appetite.

  2, carrot celery shrimp skin porridge carrot mixed with carotene, can be converted into vitamin A, good for the skin and eyes; celery is rich in a large amount of cellulose; shrimp skin can be calcium.

In this way, the color and fragrance are complete, and the nutrition is rich and balanced.

  3. If you want to eat sweet porridge with red beans and lily, you can use small red beans with lily, especially in the autumn and winter, and the lily is very suitable for autumn and dryness.

  Tips: 1. Some people should be careful when drinking porridge?

  We all have this experience: drinking a bowl of porridge to work or school in the morning can always keep you full of energy for the first two hours, but at around 10 o’clock, the stomach begins to gurgle.

  This is not because porridge does not have nutrition, but because porridge has the characteristics of promoting digestion, absorption and absorption, so the blood sugar of the human body will rise very quickly, and it can express energy in the first two hours in the morning.

But because nutrients are easily absorbed, blood sugar rises and falls quickly, and two hours later, people will start to feel hungry.

It is expected that porridge has a controversial effect on blood sugar elevation. People with diabetes are advised not to drink porridge. Uncontrolled increase in blood sugar appears.

  2. How to drink porridge can make nutrition more balanced?

  In addition, nutrition experts point out that if you want to introduce more nutrition and make nutrition more balanced, you need to follow a catering principle, that is, the principle of matching food, the farther the biological species is, the better (eg, animals with plants are better than plants with plants), The more food types you have, the better. The more you eat at the same time, the better.

And porridge is a kind of “lubricating oil”, and can be well matched with anything, as long as the principle of comprehensive nutrition balance is followed, you can cook delicious and nutritious porridge.

  3, preserved egg lean meat porridge is not nutritious. When you go to the street, as long as there is a place to sell porridge, there must be “preserved egg lean meat porridge.” It turns out that the taste of preserved egg lean meat porridge is really good.

But preserved eggs and lean meat porridge are not good for your health.

  The preserved egg itself is not nutritious, the protein contained in it has been denatured, and there is no crack for health.

Therefore, it is recommended that when you porridge, choose healthier foods to match with porridge instead of lean egg and lean porridge.

If you want to eat, it is recommended to add more nutritious food.