What is the nutritional value of spring vegetables?

How to eat it?

What is the nutritional value of spring vegetables?
How to eat it?

Spring vegetables, as the name suggests, are vegetables that are eaten in spring. Spring vegetables are commonly known as lettuce, and we generally cook them.

In the West, they often make salads and eat them together.

So what is the nutritional value of spring vegetables?

How to eat it?

  Lettuce has a higher nutritional value. Carbohydrate content in lettuce, while inorganic salts and vitamins are richer, especially containing a large amount of niacin.

Niacin is an activator of insulin. People with diabetes often eat lettuce to improve sugar metabolism.

Lettuce also contains a certain amount of zinc, a trace element. Iron, especially iron in lettuce, is easily absorbed by the body. Fresh lettuce is often eaten to make up for iron deficiency anemia.

The content of potassium ions in lettuce is rich, which is 27 times that of sodium salt, which is good for regulating the salt balance in the body.

For patients with hypertension and hypertension, it has the effect of promoting diuresis, reducing blood pressure, and preventing heart rhythm disorders.

  Another study found that lettuce contains an aromatic hydrocarbon hydroxylated lipid, which can decompose the carcinogen nitrosamines in food and prevent the formation of dissolution. It has a certain preventive effect on liver cancer and gastric cancer in the digestive system and can also recover.Cancer patients respond to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

  Simple method of making lettuce. Most people like to use lettuce to chop and fry, cut the lettuce into thick strips, add garlic slices, and hook into the starch scraping. The lettuce is green, crystalline, clear, crisp, and light. It is very suitable for the elderly.

  Lettuce should not be eaten too much. It may cause poisoning. Modern medical research has found that lettuce biochemicals in the lettuce have an irritating effect on the optic nerve. Therefore, excessive consumption of lettuce will cause dizziness, drowsiness and poisoning reactions, leading to night blindness or other eye diseases.

Night blindness and eye disease caused by eating more lettuce just stop eating lettuce and it will improve in a few days.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat more lettuce at one time, but should be eaten in moderation, so as to play a role in health and disease prevention and auxiliary treatment.


Children go to school early and are susceptible to ADHD

Children go to school early and are susceptible to ADHD

According to the Health News, pediatric medical expert Shen Xiaoming has recently paid attention to blood sugar and must respect the growth and development of children.

  Shen Xiaoming showed a series of comparative trials. Among children who have been diagnosed with ADHD in first grade, is 6 years old?
Is the number of children 6 and a half years old?
More than double the 7-year-old child.

Because the nervous system of many young children is not well developed, they have learned to increase the incidence of ADHD and myopia in the morning.

  Shen Xiaoming said that more principals and teachers should be made aware of children’s growth and development laws and applied to education.

For example, most children today don’t hold the pen or write in the correct position-with their heads tilted, writing on the table.

This is because the finger muscles of a 6-year-old child are still in the process of developing, and the grip strength is insufficient. Only when you hold the bottom end of the pen with your fingers can you use it.

In this position, the finger will block the written word, and it can only be seen by tilting the head.

If the teacher knew this medical knowledge, he would not blame the child.


The best yoga breath adjustment method to adjust your posture

The best yoga breath adjustment method to adjust your posture

Under the influence of celebrities, the yoga movement has become very popular in recent years, even in hair salons.

The birth of this set of yoga mineral springs is a Danish Lebanese-born Danish who has personally come to Taiwan to demonstrate and has been engaged in body therapy for a long time.

In a nutshell, the principle of active vitality of yoga mineral spas is to find your own physical properties, match with appropriate essential oil aromatherapy, and add yoga tones and energy massage to achieve relaxation, detoxification, and adjustment of body posture.

Yoga’s energy-regulating energy method is to perform oxygenation, detoxification, and activation massages from the neck, shoulders, and hands in sequence, plus Lafayette essential oils for aromatherapy, and the body breathes the aroma of essential oils to mediate emotions and penetrate the skin.Massage to promote blood and lymph circulation to achieve complete relaxation. If the effect is good, you can activate, detoxify and adjust your posture.

Yoga Spirit Spring Spiritual Volume Active Service Process 1, Consultation: 5 minutes first with the physical property index inquiry form to determine the customer’s physical fitness, and after confirmation, determine the type of essential oils to apply.

2. Prepare to wear a white gown, and add a towel on top to remove the hair accessories. For long hair, first clip the tail with a shark clip and confirm that the background size is moderate.

3, apply the essential oil on the hand first, and fully wipe the customer’s neck / ear / ear / head / arm area.

4. Mineral massage: 15 minutes shortening (5 steps), shoulder (6 steps), hand (3 steps).

5. Apply a hot towel to the shoulder joint for 1 minute, gently wipe the shoulder, neck and arms, and then drink a glass of warm water to soothe the limbs.


Eat dairy products eggs and nuts in the winter

Eat dairy products eggs and nuts in the winter


Dairy products are best made from low-fat yogurt, which contains calcium, multivitamins, proteins, and potassium.

In addition, the probiotics in yogurt can help maintain a balanced flora in the body.

If you don’t like yogurt, skim milk and cheese are also good choices.

Dairy products contain almost all the nutrients the human body needs, and the ratio of various nutrients is balanced.


Egg research shows that eating an egg every morning does not increase cholesterol at all, and once someone sits at the entire table, they can take in weight and unconsciously lose weight.

The protein in eggs provides supplements, which also contains 12 vitamins and minerals, of which B vitamins can help improve memory.


Nuts are high in fiber, high in protein, heart-friendly and anti-aging. These are the advantages of nut foods.

However, due to the excessively high trace content, proper consumption is the key.

Experts believe that unless it is almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, no more than half a day is best.


Kiwi is known as the “crown of fruits”. Kiwi contains high-density nutrients.

A kiwi can guarantee the vitamin C you need throughout the day, so it also provides a wealth of vitamin A, as well as plant fiber and potassium.

The kiwi is also very convenient to eat. Cut it in half with a knife, and take a spoon like cricket ice cream. You can carry it.


Eating legumes Legumes are good for the heart. It contains insoluble fiber that can effectively lower cholesterol, while other soluble fibers can help eliminate body waste.

In addition, legumes also contain protein, glucose, magnesium and potassium.

Experts recommend eating legumes at least 3 times a week.


Broccoli is a delicious and common vegetable that contains vitamins A and C and vitamin K, which is good for bone growth.

Even in yellow plants such as carrots and oranges?

Carrot-carotene is also found in large amounts in broccoli.


Many dried fruits such as dried fruits such as dried pineapple and dried apricots have just filtered out water during the production process, and the beneficial elements such as vitamins contained in the fruits have been largely retained.

In addition to rich vitamins, dried fruits also contain a large amount of minerals such as iron and potassium, and the sugar content in dried fruits is lower than that in ordinary fruits, which makes it less prone to gain weight and is a good snack.


Make good autumn sun protection and whitening without leaving dead ends_1

Make good autumn sun protection and whitening without leaving dead ends

The season is coming in late summer and early autumn, and many mm may feel that the temperature is slowly decreasing, and the sun protection work can be relaxed.

Big mistake, temperature and sun protection are not the same thing, sun protection in autumn is a serious battle.

It’s easy to miss some dead spots.

If not handled properly, it may lead to the consequences of sunburn on the skin.

  The following is a summary of the common dead spots of sun protection in late summer and early autumn. What on earth have you not realized before?

  Dead corner 1: Hairline reasons: When you absorb sunscreen, you’re afraid of applying it to your hair, so you can’t use sunscreen to completely cover the hairline.

If exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lead to tanning near the hairline and appear contour.

  Solution: Apply sunscreen more thoroughly and completely cover the hairline.

  Dead corner 2: Eyebrow heart Cause: Eyebrow heart is located in the center of the T area of the face, and the skin is most susceptible to oil and water imbalance.

When applying sunscreen to avoid eye area, often forget to cover the eyebrows with sunscreen.

  Solution: When applying sunscreen, apply it on the eyebrows separately.

  Dead corner three: Causes of the eyes: If you want to see a person’s physical age, look at her eyes. You can see how weak the skin is in this area, and it is the most vulnerable to wrinkles caused by sunlight.

  Solution: Use sunscreen eye cream to cover the corners of the eyes separately.

  Dead corner 4: Nose reason: The nose is the most dense place of sebaceous glands in the whole body. Many mm are unwilling to apply sunscreen on the nose because of the fear of oil, resulting in red nose.

  Solution: Apply sunscreen on the nose as well, but choose products that target oily skin.

  Dead angle five: Lip reason: Many mm think that the lips do not need sun protection.

  Solution: Experts point out that strong sunlight can cause obvious wrinkles on lips, overlapping lips are dry, and there is no gloss.

To keep your lips hydrated in the sun, use sunscreen lipstick.

  Dead angle six: behind the ear reasons: the easiest to ignore, but in fact, the ears and hair do not completely block the sun.

  Solution: When applying sunscreen, don’t forget to give it a little behind your ears.

  Dead angle seven: Cause of mortality: The neck, like the eyes, is also an important part of the exposed age. Here the skin connects the face and the body, which is very critical and special.

In summer, the average is also vulnerable to sunburn.

  Solution: Use sunscreen specially developed for the skin of the neck. The application method is from bottom to top. Sticking to the massage can also prevent horizontal lines and skin sagging in the neck.


Women must have at least three boyfriends

Women must have at least three boyfriends

First, lover reading makes a woman beautiful, fitness makes a woman beautiful, etc., can not keep up with the beauty effect of love.

Without love, it is easiest for a woman to give up on herself; a woman who is chaotic in her private life must be a woman who has lost love, at least she thinks the person she loves does not love her.

A woman’s love can be held firmly in her hands, or it can be an unsettled wish. The key is the existence of love.

  Women in love are sensitive and fragile. They laugh a lot, and they cry a lot. Life with a spirit is moving.

The lover hid in the softest part of the woman’s heart.

Women even describe shackles for love, and life itself is brilliant.

Men’s attitudes towards love vary widely, and men who love a certain kind determine the outcome of love.

A lover is a personal item.

  Second, men and women who love your thoughts can be divided into two categories that care about thought and life.

A woman who cares about life is a good wife and mother before she can make friends with a man.

Those who can make friends with men must be some thoughtful women.

Thoughts need to be exchanged to make progress.

A thoughtful woman needs a man who appreciates your thoughts.

Such women should dare to express their thoughts in front of men. You don’t need to think that this will offend men. Many smart men will scare away without seeing you thinking. Listening to women’s analysis is a way for men to show their confidence.In order to always get something, women are more profound than they think.

There is a man who cares more about your mind than about your appearance and body. Being a woman means more than gender itself.

  Men who love women’s thinking, they must also love women to a certain degree of tenderness, kindness, and goodness.

Don’t be too greedy as a woman, since he already loves your thoughts, don’t expect him to love you for other merits.

You must accept that he loves other women as much as he loves your thoughts, is intimate with her in life, and has no interest in your life.

  Third, friends who have no sex should also have a gang of death among their boyfriends.

This friendship, on the basis of not harming the people around them, communicates completely in the same manner.

That is to say, you can talk about anything, you can call the hotline, you can reveal secrets to each other, especially to discuss ways to deal with the opposite sex.

  In the face of male bosses, male colleagues, especially the man you love every day, it is inevitable that there are inextricable doubts. Girlfriends always have a gender bias in understanding. At this time, the dead party can help you estimate and analyze from the perspective of men.

Men understand one kind of man, and women understand another kind of man, which is a complete man when combined.

When a woman is injured, she needs to cry and complain. At this time, the dead party is one of the best candidates.

This kind of boyfriend needs to be cultivated for a long time, and trust is ground out, so you want to plant trees first in the cold.

To cultivate such a friend, we must withstand the temptations of men and women, and don’t lose a lifetime friend for the goodwill of the moment.

Finding a man who loves you is easy in this world, and finding a boyfriend who cares about your life is difficult.

  Women can have these three kinds of men, and they can take root in the rapids without drifting .


Eat day and night weight gain 10 kg

Eat day and night weight gain 10 kg

Since I got married, my weight has been falling, from the original 96 pounds, has been reduced, actually reduced to only 82 pounds.

This is not because I have to lose weight to achieve the effect, maybe too many things after marriage, do business thinking, and gradually lose weight.

  From this year on, I eat day and night fattening almost every night and night, and finally I have to pay attention to the heart, starting from the lowest 82 pounds to 92 pounds now.

This achievement is really gratifying!

But sadly, after stopping at 92 pounds for 3 months, the weight has not risen again!

  In order to increase my weight, starting today, I want to strengthen my own fattening plan.


Eat high-fat, high-starch foods such as rice, eggs, pork, potatoes, and more.


For lunch, you must eat a bowl of rice or more, and you can eat two bowls of rice for each meal.

On the day you complete the goal, you can reward yourself.


Keep eating up late, stay up all night, stew a bowl of papaya to eat.


Stick to 10 hours of sleep a day, no 10 hours absolutely no bed.


The heart is wide and fat.

Be sure to pay attention to your mood, and you can’t care about everything. If you count longer, you won’t get fat.

  At present, I only think of so much, and I think the plan will increase again.

I don’t believe that the net weight at the end of the year is less than 96 pounds!


Sour plum soup with oily recipes in autumn and winter

Sour plum soup with oily recipes in autumn and winter

With the decrease of temperature, the dry and cold autumn and winter have come to us slowly, and health in autumn and winter has become the most healthy topic for people.

Nutrition experts recommend that food supplements should be used in autumn and winter health. Through food supplements, people can maintain a healthy body and strong energy, so as to reduce the disease and replace aging.

  In autumn and winter, people prefer to eat greasy and heavy flavor foods to protect themselves from the cold, but exercise has decreased.

At the same time, through the improvement of living standards, a large number of families are eating stinky and greasy meals every day.

However, these high-oil and high-heat foods produce metabolized acidic and toxic substances after metabolism, which will cause great harm to the human body and easily cause diseases such as obesity, coronary heart disease, myocardial embolism, and hypertension.

Therefore, people should still pay attention to degreasing in the autumn and winter diet. Eating more dietary vitamins and high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, potatoes and seafood, can transform the oily substances stored in the body.It can be discharged in time. At the same time, you can choose daily supplements such as plum juice and natural health drinks, which can also relieve the greasy effect.

  Traditionally, sour plum soup has always been considered a summer heatstroke prevention product. In fact, sour plum soup is also suitable in autumn and winter.

Sour plum soup is not only rich in a large number of trace elements, amino acids, and fiber-rich nutrients that are good for human health. Among them, ume, hawthorn, which is the main raw material, is an effective degreasing alkaline food, which can enhance the body’s metabolism and accelerate gastrointestinal removal.The accumulated oiliness is very effective.

In addition, the plum soup can not only relieve oiliness, but also be a good product for removing flaming blood. It can effectively alleviate people’s physical discomfort and anger caused by dry air, heating, and air conditioning.

In addition, Sour Plum Soup is a regular drink, carefully crafted based on all-natural ingredients, which is more conducive to human health than modern drinks added with various additives, in line with modern people’s pursuit of green and environmentally friendly diet.

  It is precisely because the sour plum soup has such effects that even the Qing Dynasty imperial palace that swept the cold northeast in the ancient times was even more popular with modern white-collar workers. Many medium-sized enterprises and institutions in Beijing bought a large number of old brands during the Mid-Autumn Festival.Jiulong Zhai Sour Plum Soup was distributed to employees and praised as the best Mid-Autumn Festival welfare gift by employees. Sour Plum Soup has also broken through the limits of traditional concepts. With its deeper health effects and green natural quality, it has become a healthy season for white-collar workers.Drinks.

  Reasonable diet can not only prolong life, but also anti-aging beauty. In this beautiful autumn and winter season, I hope everyone can get beauty and health through diet.


7 medicines to save kidney yin deficiency

7 medicines to save kidney yin deficiency

Kidney deficiency is a common health problem, both men and women may have kidney deficiency, and men are more likely to become victims of kidney deficiency because of irregular lifestyles and indulgence in tobacco and alcohol, and coping with stress.One is the kidney yin deficiency we are going to talk about today.

  Kidney yin and kidney yang are the overall summary of various life activities in traditional Chinese medicine, and the healthy interaction between the two is regarded as an important condition for physical health.

Kidney yin deficiency is often caused by kidney damage due to internal injuries and external consumption.

There is no doubt that “solitary yin does not grow long and solitary yang does not give birth”. Once the yin and yang imbalance in the body occurs, disease will occur.

The most common clinical manifestations of kidney yin deficiency include insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, hot flashes, sweating, thirst, and dry throat. They are often associated with the liver and are called liver and kidney yin deficiency together.

  The cause of the disease must be considered during treatment: patients with internal injuries must replenish qi and yin, while nourishing the body, they must not forget to replenish qi and blood, and promote physiological functions; while caused by external feelings, external threats must be eliminated as soon as possible before good treatment can be providedeffect.

Let’s take a look at these medicines that can treat kidney deficiency.

  Liuwei Dihuang Wan will not be unfamiliar with Liuwei Dihuang Wan if you live with the elderly, just because middle-aged and elderly people often suffer from kidney yin deficiency, and Liuwei Dihuang Wan is a symptomatic medicine.

Liuwei Dihuang Pills are composed of Rehmannia glutinosa, Huai yam, Fructus Corni, Dan Bark, etc. It mainly treats complications such as dizziness caused by negative kidney deficiency, yin deficiency, hot flashes, virtual fire toothache, and dysplasia in children.

  Zuogui Pill If the liver and kidney yin deficiency is severe and the spleen and stomach capacity is still declining, we recommend you Zuogui Pill.

Zuo Gui Wan has a strong tonic effect on kidney yin deficiency, night sweats, thirst and dry throat can be treated with Zuo Gui Wan.

But why should experts have normal spleen and stomach function?

The most important point is the tonic ingredients in Zuogui Pill, and the food and drugs that obstruct the stomach are often troublesome to digest and absorb. If you ca n’t digest it, it will cause spleen and stomach problems. Once the spleen and stomach problems occur, the whole body will be affected.Naturally, it is worth the loss.

  When talking about kidney yin deficiency, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan had to mention its partner, who also often had yin deficiency liver.

If you don’t pay attention to conditioning and cultivation in one year, I am afraid that the liver will be in an unhealthy state for more than half of the time, and even the appearance rate of “liver and kidney yin deficiency” will not be low.

The most prominent symptoms are dry mouth and throat and two-eye swelling pain (the liver is open to the eye), but we also have a good helper like Qijudihuang Wan.

Whether you are in the wind, tears or dizziness, tinnitus, you can eat a bit as long as it meets the type of liver and kidney yin deficiency, and even some old Chinese doctors who are familiar with medicines use it to treat hypertension.

  Qiwei Duqi Pills If you have symptoms such as breathing more and less, breathing tightness, chest tightness, nocturnal sweating, frequent urination, etc., then it is the manifestation of kidney failure. At this time, you can take Qiwei with kidney tonic, Qi astringent effectDu Qi Wan.

Qiwei Duqi Pills contain schisandra vinegar, dogwood, coriander, peony skin, rehmannia glutinosa, yam, Alisma purpurea, and its efficacy is significant, but it should be avoided for asthma caused by exogenous cough.

  Dabuyin Pill mentioned earlier that Zuogui Pills cannot be eaten randomly, otherwise internal heat may occur if the kidney yin is not replenished.

What do we really do at this step?

Recommended for you is Dabuyin Pills, which can nourish the fire while nourishing yin-patients with mild fever but strong and evil can take it with confidence.

  Guiying Dihuang Wan is similar to Dabuyin Pill, and Guiying Dihuang Pill also has the effect of clearing away heat, but in comparison, it can nourish yin and nourish blood.

Considering that women are more likely to have internal heat and viscera due to insufficient blood and blood, it is not a hindrance to recommend to non-menopausal women-while clearing heat and nourishing yin, it can also nourish blood and nourish blood.

However, it should be noted that if the yang is insufficient and the qi and blood are not running smoothly, it should be used with caution, so as to prevent blood from increasing the burden on the body and the effect of clearing heat to further prevent the obstruction of yang.

  Finally, it should be noted that healthy lifestyles and appropriate restraint on desire are the fundamentals to ensure physical health. Without these two aspects of consciousness, or even a panacea, there is still no way to prevent avalanches in physical health.


Good week plan for office workers

Good week plan for office workers

How to keep yourself relaxed, uplifted and optimistic mentality is a concern for everyone in the workplace.

Faced with more and more challenges and pressures, coupled with the lack of necessary psychological coping measures, office workers are increasingly suffering from psychological problems.

The following “Good mood plan for the week” may help you-Plan 1: A constructive Monday mentality: What did you do, what did you think on Saturday and Sunday, and what is your mood? This is not the key to the problemIt is important that you learn to adopt a constructive mindset for the first working day of the week ahead.

If you are a 100% office worker, you must pay special attention to distinguishing the boundaries between work and leisure, and do not delay any unnecessary emotional transition.

Before you go out on Monday morning, you can tell yourself this: a new job is waiting for me. From now on, put away yesterday’s mood and sorrow, adjust your mindset, and meet various challenges.

  Advice: Don’t expect others to appease you because of your personal feelings that are not related to your work, and treat you well, and don’t expect others to forgive you for the delays or mistakes you may make.

You should be a complete and independent professional, and your position should not be easily replaced by others.

  Plan 2: Indifferent Tuesday mentality: On Tuesday night, unless it is overtime, your friends, your friends’ friends will basically stay at home, and if you want to find them, you will basically not get lost.

If you want to invite them out to play, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult.

If you still do n’t give up and ask why, they will probably say, “It ‘s nothing, just do n’t want to move, another day!

“If you still don’t give up, then I will congratulate you, indicating that you were born with a strong optimism.

  Advice: Just after a tense and complicated Monday, many things still lack a clearly visible context. Is the ending as expected?

Will there be unexpected changes in the meantime?

Is the plan thorough?

Will the deviation from the implementation exceed the norm?

A series of unknowns are facing you.

  Plan 3: Happy Wednesday Mindset: I have a girlfriend and my situation is average.

However, she has always been very happy. Based on her laughter, she can be regarded as a kind of happiness in the heart.

So I started to pay attention, what is the psychological basis for her so much happiness?

Once, she came to me angrily, saying that she had voted for a movie script of a magazine not long ago, and some of the plots were actually misappropriated.

Oh my God!

The “appropriate” she called was a well-known playwright!

She said she would visit the celebrity with her manuscript.

After a few days, she came to report to me again: the alarm was lifted!

She was particularly touched by this “visit”. It is said that the writer and writer did not look down upon her, an attractive author, and described her thoughts in detail about the detailed experience of the film being released at the time.

After some more days, she suddenly offered to invite me to dinner.

Talking at the dining table, she said that she had met a descendant of the official, and this “Gege” opened a company, specially hired her as general manager, and I felt that she should be a bit sorry for her “abandoning the text to do business”, because according toAs far as I know, becoming a playwright is her dream all along.

Unexpectedly, she laughed, made the expression of wanting to rest, raised her hand to call the waiter-pay!

And an admonition: “Issue a ticket.

“Just a joke, the thing that worries me most about this meal is whether there is any place to reimburse this ticket.

  Advice: Although this friend of mine is a little too much in “daydreaming”, at least she is happy.

On Wednesday, you might as well learn her. Imagination is outstanding. Imagination is successful. Imagination is great. This may help you make a positive assessment of the past two days this week and the next two days.

  Plan 4: Thursday mentality of integration: To make your room refreshing, you must clean up the home in the room regularly. You should stay, you should throw, and you must re-add.

Psychological burden reduction is also possible. You must first identify the source and nature of the contradictions, analyze them one by one, classify them, and make correct judgments.

  Advice: Remember that people in the past wanted antique democratic meetings once a week, and cadres and the masses sat together face-to-face to exchange work experience and give opinions to each other.

This approach should have a positive effect on promoting solidarity and cooperation among people.

In the information age, people rely more on self-discipline and self-examination to improve their psychological quality.

  Plan 5: OK Friday mentality: Do you want to keep in mind that the work you completed on this day is higher in quantity and quality than usual?Some of the things that seem to be a headache in peacetime are suddenly easy to resolve on this day.

If you are the one who is most reluctant to work overtime, you will unknowingly do it on this day. You will not be woken up until you have a phone call, and you will be amazed by “the time goes by so fast”.

If, tomorrow, you are going to move into your new home, tomorrow you are going to be a bride or groom. For you today, everything can be OK, because there is a strong psychological power system supporting you.

  Advice: Since Friday’s mood is so easy, why not take advantage of this good mood to do some creative and pioneering work?

After refreshing your mood, I believe there will be unexpected gains on this day.