Lingyou Pharmaceutical strengthens market supervision and severely violates regulations and distribution activities

Lingyou Pharmaceutical strengthens market supervision and severely violates regulations and distribution activities

Drug safety is a major issue related to national health.

If drug safety cannot be guaranteed, it will affect social harmony and stability and the sustainable development of the national economy.

In order to improve the national drug safety level, safeguard the people’s health rights and interests, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, the state has formulated corresponding laws and regulations to ensure drug safety.

However, there are very few ethnic minority pharmaceutical distributors who, for their own self-interest, have committed violations of national laws and regulations and disrupted the normal market economic order.

  Recently, Henan Lingyou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively carried out self-inspection and self-correction activities, strengthened the market supervision of the company’s star product Yishou Dabujiu, and adopted a zero-tolerance attitude on the illegal distribution of individual distributors.Violations have emerged, resolutely crack down, resolutely doubt, and never tolerate, to ensure the healthy growth of Yishouda tonic market.

  Yishou Dabujiu is an OTC drug with independent intellectual property rights produced exclusively by Lingyou Pharmaceuticals. The approval number is National Medicine Standard Z41021022. The product group is inherited from “Sijunzi Decoction, Jinshui Shenqi Pill, Qibao Meiji Pill”.And other classic recipes, selected 17 precious holy medicines: Codonopsis, Poria, Amaranth, Dipsacus, Angelica, Sanqi, Eucommia Leaf, Shouwu (system), safflower, astragalus, achyranthes (fried), yam (fried)), Peony skin (fried), Alisma (fried), Atractylodes (fried), Rehmannia glutinosa, ginseng, and sucrose as an excipient.

The prescription of the group is mild in nature and can be used as both a tonic and a tonic.

  In the future, Lingyou Pharmaceutical will continue to strengthen the supervision and management during the promotion and sales of Yishou Dajiu, and adhering to the business philosophy of “heart-making spirit medicine, Hou Deyou Cangsheng”, and dealers who must take appropriate measures.Supervision, supervision and inspection, and resolutely put an end to any violation of laws and regulations.

Lingyou Pharmaceutical will always adhere to the people-oriented principle, resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, improve its own competitiveness and sustainable development through legal operations, and actively assume social responsibilities to contribute to the people’s health.

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Twelve constellation MM whitening methods are very different_1

Twelve constellation MM whitening methods are very different

Let ‘s play the 12 constellation whitening methods are very different, from the perspective of the constellation, to tell you how to whiten.

Whether it is entertainment or practical tricks, the MMs will judge it!

  Aries: Aries nourish in spring, eating more fruit is a secret.

Fruits such as bananas, apples, kiwis, etc. are rich in vitamin C, minerals, sugar and fruit acids, which nourish the skin, astringent pores, and moisturizing effect; some coarse fiber fruits can also promote the body’s digestive system and avoid detoxificationOh, the effect.

After eating fruits, don’t throw away the peels like oranges and watermelons. They are good helpers for skin care.

  Taurus: Taurus spring nourish, hurry up and grab the spring tail to go to the hot springs for healing.

The biggest benefit of taking a hot spring is to accelerate the blood circulation of the body and make the skin smooth as new.

The minerals in the hot spring also help to moisturize the skin, soothe physiology, and let the whole person come out of exhaustion.

In addition, the hot spring also helps the skin to form an anti-allergic protective layer. Frequent hot springs can effectively prevent allergies.

After soaking in the hot spring, remember to wash your face with cold water and shrink your pores.

  Gemini: The nourishment of Gemini in spring, may wish to use massage points to cooperate with daily care, you can achieve unexpected results.

If you don’t want your tender skin to dry out, you can try using a vitamin E oil and moisturizing lotion to massage the skin with your smart fingers.

There are many types of massage methods. Generally, there are circular massages, finger presses, and squeezing and pushing methods for places with excess meat.

  Cancer: The spring nourishment of Cancer, the main consideration is to take care of the skin with food supplements.

Especially those who are interested in cooking, mm, researching some delicious and nutritious snacks is beyond the reach of other constellation women.

Such as red dates, longan, and bloody glutinous rice are stew soups and porridges, all have the effect of nourishing blood and beauty for women; pollen tea can eliminate facial dullness, lighten pigmentation, and make the skin gradually whiter; the skin will become more elastic and whiterAlas.

  Leo: Leo spring nourish, go to the beauty salon for essential oil treatments, or make skin spa at home is a good choice.

After a winter, the skin will become more radiant after massage with essential oils. It is okay to neglect maintenance when it is cold. Just rest assured to the masseur to handle them. Different essential oils also have various effects, such as anti-aging and tenderness., Whitening and other formulas, according to your skin to choose the right beauty step, the mood is happy.

  Virgo: Virgo’s spring nourishment, still maintain the mask treatment every week.

Unlike other constellations, Virgo has almost perfect requirements for itself. Even in the cold winter, the steps of skin care will not be reduced, and the regular life rhythm is often enviable.

The transition from winter to spring requires only a gradual change in the direction of care, from a gradual transition from moisturizing to whitening, or a new year’s maintenance plan based on skin problems. The skin condition is very good.

  Libra: Libra in spring nourish, choose intensive repair essence is the most effective.

The essence can solve skin problems in a short period of time, and at the same time, it can form a protective film on the skin to fundamentally improve skin problems.

Libras are always proficient in efficient things, and skin care is no exception. They are often willing to spend a lot of money to get greater benefits. In order to cool the PK in summer, the Libras definitely make people look good.

  Scorpio: Scorpio nourish in spring, remember to use bath salt when bathing.

Bath salts have two effects on the skin. One is to moisturize the skin, and it will feel smooth after use. It has a fresh taste and relieves fatigue and stress. The other is to brighten the skin and rub it in clothes all winter.It will be very rough, and the bath salt moisturizes and brightens the skin elastically.

  Sagittarius: The secret of spring nourishment in Sagittarius is 8 glasses of water per day.

It will still be a little cold in spring, and the tightness of the skin will continue under the breeze of the spring. Every day to ensure that the skin is rich in moisture, which can prevent the generation of wrinkles. It is very effective with moisturizing products.

Every morning when you get up fast, drink a glass of water to clear your stomach, and you can add some salt; honey is also a good choice.

Drinking water every day can also eliminate toxins from the body and make the circulation smoother.

  Capricorn: The spring nourishment of Capricorn does not prevent you from choosing a sauna.

Pure sauna is of course not enough. Before entering the sauna room, a lot of preparation is needed. Some are hair masks and suitable facial masks for the face. The reduced temperature in the sauna room will open the pores, better absorb nutrients, and nourish the skinThe effect is doubled.

But don’t stay in the sauna for too long, and apply moisturizing lotion as soon as possible after cleaning. This is the most effective time for skin to absorb skin care products.

  Aquarius: Nourishing in spring in Aquarius, please drink a glass of red wine every day.

Many people now replace the red wine mask to address the problem of skin whitening, but some sensitive skin can cause irritation and allergies. In addition, the red wine mask is not suitable for daytime use.

Therefore, if you want to nourish your skin, you do n’t want to consider a small glass of red wine every day. The alcohol content in red wine can promote blood circulation, nourish the skin, and accelerate metabolism?
In addition, red wine has the effect of preventing diseases every day.

  Pisces: Pisces nourish in spring, be sure to prepare a humidifier.
The office is confined and airless, and the shrinking person is in a completely closed space, so the skin often feels tight.
Therefore, placing a humidifier in your own range of activity can improve the humidity around you, allow your skin to work and learn in a moist environment, and use it with a deep moisturizing spray with minerals, so that the skin itself adds natural protectionAlas.


12 kinds of vegetables help you lower blood sugar

12 kinds of vegetables help you lower blood sugar

The onion has a sweet and warm taste, and is white and tender. It is a good vegetable for people.

Onion contains substances that stimulate the synthesis and secretion of insulin, which has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on diabetes, and the prostaglandin A and thiaminic acid contained in it have the effect of expanding blood vessels, regulating blood lipids and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, it is most suitable for those with diabetes and dyslipidemia.

The method is to use 100 grams of onion, add soy sauce after cooking, once a day.

  Pumpkin sweet temperature is non-toxic, has Buzhong Yiqi effect.

Pumpkin contains fructose which can inhibit the absorption of glucose, can be combined with excess plasma in the human body, and has the effect of preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Modern medical research shows that pumpkin also contains many substances that are beneficial to the human body, such as adenine, glutaraldehyde, and mannitol, and has a role in promoting metabolism.

Diabetics cook 100 grams of pumpkin every day, which has a good effect on improving symptoms.

  Cucumber has a sweet and cool taste, sweet and crisp, and has the effect of removing heat and quenching thirst.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that cucumber contains only 1 sugar.

6% is a commonly used food substitute for diabetic patients, and vitamin C, carotene, cellulose and minerals are basically obtained from it.

The glyceric acid contained in cucumber can inhibit the carbohydrates in the human body from turning into aunts.

Hypertensive diabetic patients with hypertension, eat 100 grams of cucumber a day, have high blood pressure.

  The bitter melon has a bitter cold taste, tender meat, and a variety of nutritional ingredients, especially the content of vitamin C, which ranks first among various melons.

Pharmacological research found that the balsam pear saponin contained in balsam pear has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect, at the same time has a similar sample-like effect (hence the name of plant insulin), and also has the function of stimulating release.

Some people have tested that the total effective rate of bitter melon saponin preparation for oral treatment of type 2 diabetes can reach 78.


Therefore, if a diabetic patient uses 1 bitter gourd, dissect it, wash it, slice it and boil it once, take it once a day?
2 times, it is good for controlling blood sugar.

  Spinach has a sweet and cold taste, quenches thirst and moisturizes, and is the best vegetable to assist in the treatment of diabetes and thirst.

The common method is to wash with 60 grams of spinach, 15 grams of gold in chicken, 20 grams of white fungus, add water, and eat vegetables and soup after cooking, 2 times a day.

  Lentils are rich in soluble cellulose, which has the effect of lowering sugar, reducing triglycerides and harmful cholesterol.

With lentils 30?
50 grams of cooked food, once a day, has a good effect on those with diabetes and dyslipidemia.

  The yellow diet is sweet and warm, has the effect of nourishing the five internal organs and filling the essence and blood.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the yellow substances A and B contained in Huang Zhan can lower blood sugar.

The Japanese have extracted these two substances from the body of the yellow diet, a sugar-lowering drug called sugar urine clear, which is used to treat diabetes with satisfactory results.

  Kernel flavor is sweet and slightly cold, and it is a dual-use food for replenishing the lungs and spleen, diuretic and dehumidifying.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Coix Seed has a blood sugar-lowering effect, and is especially suitable for those with obesity and diabetes accompanied by hypertension.

Usage: Coix Seed 15?
20 grams, 30 grams of rice previously, take porridge together and take it once a day.

  Cinnamon has a spicy flavor and has a tonic effect and a spleen-stomach warming effect.

Studies by American scientists have found that elevated insulin levels in blood metabolized by cinnamon have an adjuvant therapeutic effect on diabetic patients.

Suggest to add 1 when recovering?
3 grams of ground cinnamon, but cinnamon is hot, not suitable for patients with yin deficiency type diabetes.

  Tremella is sweet and flat. It has the functions of nourishing yin, regulating dryness, replenishing and nourishing the stomach.

Tremella fungus plasma is rich in dietary fiber, which can delay the rise of blood sugar.

Preliminary studies have reported that Tremella contains carbonylated Tremella glycerol, which has an effect on insulin hypoglycemic activity.
It has been found in animal experiments that Tremella polysaccharide can change the action time of insulin in animals from 3?
4 hours extended to 8?
12 hours.

Therefore, people with diabetes should eat Tremella.

Usage: Tremella 15?
20 grams, take after stewing, once a day.


Sleep Health Mo Hard Pillow

Sleep Health Mo Hard Pillow

Most snoring patients know that sleeping with soft pillows is not good. It is easy to lie down when you lie down. The natural curvature of the neck and head occurs, which makes the laryngeal muscles excessively strained, which increases the degree of snoring.

  So a lot of hysteria patients aimed their eyes at harder pillows, especially now that the weather is getting hot, like jade pillows, cool pillows, and some health pillows, are the pillows of choice for many people in summer.

These pillows do have some health benefits, but people who snore should consider more when choosing.

  Due to the poor elasticity of a rigid pillow, the pillow will not easily deform when it goes down. The pillow will entrap the neck, change the angle of the respiratory tract, make the breathing difficult, and increase the degree of snoring.

  Therefore, for snoring people, choose soft and hard pillows, such as buckwheat husk pillows.

If you are used to sleeping on a hard pillow, when you choose to lie on your back, you should make a fist with the mouth of the tiger up. The height of the pillow is equal to the height of a vertical punch.

  People who are always accustomed to sleeping on their side should choose according to their front width, and it is most appropriate to make the pillow height equal to the width of the vertical arrangement.

  At the same time, it should be noted that snoring people choose pillows that are too elastic, such as spring pillows, air pillows, etc. It is also not good, so that the front surface is constantly subject to external elasticity, which is prone to muscle fatigue and injury, and will also increase the degree of snoring.


Adjustment of College Students’ Psychology

Adjustment of College Students’ Psychology

This is an era full of opportunities and easy to lose opportunities. This is an era of fear of unemployment in the face of job seekers. This is an era of chasing challenges and eager to succeed. This is a new era of employment in any era!

Job hunting is a heavy pressure and a serious challenge for contemporary college students. In order not to be overwhelmed by this heavy burden, and to meet this challenge full of opportunities and fear of failure, college students must be fully prepared and timely.Adjust your mindset.

  I. Career-selection mentality and deviations 1. Career-selection mentality: General psychological trends ① Utilitarian psychology ② Safety psychology ③ Name-seeking psychology ④ Leisure-seeking psychology ⑤ Comfort-seeking psychology 竞争 Competitive psychology ⑦ Dedication psychology ⑧ Psychological psychology ⑨ Dependence psychologyPsychological deviation: the psychological problem of choosing a career ① feeling of inferiority in choosing a career ② worry about choosing a career ③ jealousy of choosing a career ④ fear of choosing a career ⑤ fear of choosing a career (expectations are too high, pride) Second, the psychological preparation before choosing a career clarifies three issues:”How is society?

“(Recognize the characteristics of the new era of employment) ① Understand the new developments and trends of current college students’ job selection methods ② Understand the new employment trends and employment requirements for talents 2,” Who am I?

“(Know yourself correctly and change roles) ①Know yourself: Occupational interest, professional ability, professional temperament, and occupational physiological characteristics ②Role conversion: College students-job seekers (enter the competitive role in career selection) To enter the competitive role in career selection must: defeat the self environment 3,”What should i do!

Choice ① The principle of meeting the needs of society ② The principle of taking advantage of individual abilities ③ The principle of active selection ④ The principle of distinguishing primary and secondary ⑤ The long-term and future-oriented principle III. Psychological adjustment when choosing a career 1. The psychological qualities necessary for choosing a career: ① Have confidence ② MustDare to compete and be good at competition ③ Correct responses to setbacks2. Adjustment of job selection psychological problems ① Adjustment of job selection expectations that are too high ② Adjustment of job selection inferiority mentality ③ Adjustment of job selection importance ④ Adjustment of job selection endangering psychological psychology ⑤ Adjustment of job selection fear of suffering


Love children, do n’t let them eat too much oil

Love children, do n’t let them eat too much oil

As a parent, have you noticed how old he started to develop?

Now, many about 9?
At the age of 10, your daughter may grow a lot of things. Usually their parents think that this is adolescence. Then why your child is long and other children are not?

  Seeing that children at this age have acne, two general inferences can be made: 1. The kidneys help our body filter oil and then pull it off the stool, but now it is the parents who have given them too much fat-soluble toxinsThe liver is too late to filter.

  2. It is assumed that the liver has been damaged, so it has to be eliminated from the skin as an alternative, otherwise the oil will increase to the kidney and destroy the kidney function.

  What is called fat-soluble toxin is saturated fatty acid, such as animal fat, tallow, lard, etc.

There is another kind of oil that everyone is negligent, which is what we generally call hydrogenated vegetable oil, milk marlin or margarine.

This oil is found in most pastries and biscuits, and when we go to eat Korean barbecue, the butter or cream cake placed next to it is all this kind of oil.

  This oil is full of flavor when cooking, and many people thought that it was more nutritious than cream. As a result, after several years, I found that it was processed and hundreds of times more poisonous than real cream.Nature does not exist. Under normal circumstances, the human body cannot process and digest this oil.

Immediately after eating, it will cause damage to the liver, and will damage the human cell membrane, causing cell defects to affect future replication and regeneration.

  The child’s black man was spotty because his liver might have been damaged by fat-soluble toxins.

Grease can capillary hair follicles. Men began to wash their hair and lose hair in their twenties, and began to face the era of balding.

  The physiological structure of boys and girls is different. Girls will replace fat-soluble toxins by menstruation every month, so of course only male compatriots will lose their hair.

The boy’s fat-soluble toxins cannot be ruled out by the so-called “male baldness”.

  Fat-soluble toxins will accumulate in the bones and gradually cause degenerative arthritis. As long as these people eat a little fat, their joints will start to ache, and their hands will start to numb.

  Further down, these fat-soluble toxins can interfere with the internal secretion system, and you will have a lot of strange problems, including diabetes.

So my dad has sugar disease, and my son also has diabetes. Do n’t think it ‘s inherited because the dad eats greasy, and the son also eats greasy.

If you really love your child, be careful not to make her eat too oily.


Vitamin A, C, E beauty effects are not general

Vitamin A, C, E beauty effects are not general

The cosmetic mechanism of vitamin C: 1.

Vitamin C can participate in the synthesis of collagen. Without vitamin C, collagen will not be synthesized.

Among them, collagen is called “” bone in the bone, skin in the skin, meat in the meat”, it can be said that collagen is ubiquitous in the human body.

When it comes to the beauty effect of the human body, collagen has nourishing, firming, brightening, wrinkle-reducing, nourishing and repairing effects on the skin, so that the skin is more tender and alternative, so that you can shine, if you want to whiten, it is appropriate.Eat some VC.


Vitamins are also a good anti-adhesive agent, which can remove free radicals that can cause aging of the human body, so that the body functions to maintain healthy vitality.


In addition, vitamin C can protect cells, detoxify and protect the liver.

The role of vitamin E: 1.

Vitamin E protects the skin, enhances skin elasticity, stabilizes the protein’s active structure of the cell membrane and promotes normal development in the muscle.


Vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect that eliminates free radicals in the body.


In addition, vitamin E also regulates endocrine, so that the body’s function develops in the most healthy direction.

Pharmacological effects of vitamin A: In general, vitamin A is generally obtained by obtaining β-carotene, because β-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, which can produce vitamin A in the human body, soEating vitamin beta-carotene can effectively supplement vitamin A.


Vitamin A has the effects of improving dry skin, rough skin, and keratinization of hair follicles.


Vitamin A can also scavenge free radicals in the body and neutralize harmful free radicals.


It can maintain the health of the epidermis of tissues or organs, and effectively eliminate symptoms such as senile plaques.

Vitamins A, E, and C have such benefits, and what foods contain more!

Foods containing more vitamin A are mainly green vegetables and fruits, such as: spinach, carrots (containing β-carotene, precursors of vitamin A, and spirulina also rich in β-carotene), green peppers, eggsWaiting for food.

Foods containing more vitamin C are mainly kiwi, orange, persimmon, and spirulina; foods containing more vitamin E are nut foods and algae (such as spirulina, green algae, etc.).


5 preparations for fitness

5 preparations for fitness

“If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it.” Whether it’s a rotating coach or a fitness enthusiast, you can have the following “heads”.

  Shoes Hard bottom shoes are the best choice when rotating.

Soft-soled shoes (aerobic or jogging) will reduce the efficiency of the scooter, and the freely bent soles are easy to bend on the pedals, and the feet will be uncomfortable and even numb.

  New bike shorts will feel the pain of tibia or thigh fracture, so there is a bike short with inner padding to ensure the comfort of the rotation course.

If necessary, apply grease to the thighs.

When the hip muscles become firmer and more elastic, there is no soreness.

The whole person will not “enclose” the cushion too much.

  In order to reduce the fatigue, soreness and even numbness of the bicycle gloves, it is necessary to wear a pair of bicycle gloves, which can slide and skid for protection.

  If the car is gripped too tight or the body weight is pressed on the palm, it will cause poor blood circulation and numbness in the palms of the boots.

During exercise, pay attention to relaxation. Hold your hand lightly on the handlebar. The relaxed posture with a slight elbow in the elbow helps to relieve stress.

  Kettle spinning course contains the amount of exercise, sweating and hydrophobic, it is prone to dehydration: bicycles can rotate the wind to emit body temperature, but indoor sports can not, you must pay attention to replenishing water at any time, so a suitable sports bottle is essential.
It is recommended to replenish 1200 ml of fluid in a 40-minute course.

  Towel A clean towel not only wipes sweat, but also helps to cool the skin and hold the handlebar firmly.

To show respect for others, please wipe off the bike with a towel.

  Put the towel behind the seat so you can clearly see the hand posture.


Replenishing ginseng and maple after summer to improve immunity

Replenishing ginseng and maple after summer to improve immunity

“The summer solstice is three digits high,” yesterday was the first day of the three volt days, which means that the hottest season of meaning has arrived.

TCM medical experts remind the public: summer gas consumption and injury, easily lead to lack of blood and gastrointestinal problems, sub-healthy people do not prevent proper tonic at this time, nourishing qi and yin to improve their immunity.

In addition to preventing heat stroke during the heat, citizens should also pay attention to being cold and cold, so as not to bury the “root of illness” due to the cold.

  Professor Zhu Kangmei of the Department of Internal Medicine of Shuguang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that a large number of citizens are familiar with the winter solstice tonic, but they are not familiar with the summer tonic.

In fact, summer human body consumption is very large, many people will feel sluggish in summer, appetite is not good, and then summer; various types of bacteria and viruses are also most active in summer.

Citizens can start with the summer heat and eat qi ginseng, maple bucket, etc. to improve their immunity. From the perspective of food supplement, they can drink some congee and soup such as mung bean lily porridge and turtle soup.Old duck soup, winter melon flat tip soup, etc.

Professor Fang Bangjiang, from the Emergency Department of Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is prominent. After entering the ambush, citizens can enjoy air-conditioning and don’t be too greedy.

The two veins of the human body are located at the navel, forward, and long-term cold can easily cause indigestion, women’s dysmenorrhea, and even infertility in the palace; the feet are the most extreme points of human yang, and wearing sandals barefoot can be easily buried for gastroenterology”Bane”.


Women’s sentimentality can lead to kidney deficiency

Women’s sentimentality can lead to kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency is commonly known as kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency is the main symptom. Due to the increasing pressure of modern women’s survival, air conditioning is commonly used in offices to cause dry and turbid air, and women’s own low immunity and physiological characteristics.As a result, young women have weak kidneys and an increasing proportion of obesity.

  First, women’s immunity is lower than men’s. Some autoimmune diseases, such as lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis, occur most frequently in young and middle-aged women.

  With the change of modern social environment, this immune disease is becoming more and more frequent.

When the immune system is damaged, the kidneys can also be damaged on the ground.

  In addition, because women have a wide urethra, which leads directly to the bladder, it is easy to cause infections. The proportion of cystitis and urethritis is also very high. If the chronic onset is not controlled, it will also cause nephritis in the reverse direction.

Therefore, women are born with high incidence of kidney diseases.

  Sentimental and susceptible to kidney cancer Modern women are under unprecedented competitive pressure, while young white-collar workers bear the brunt, and women are prone to sentimentality, so young women are the most emotionally stressed out group.

Under long-term depression, the body’s immunity is also disturbed, and the kidney may gradually appear due to this.

  In addition, office white-collar workers have been in an unventilated, air-conditioned environment for a long time. Excessive levels of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and toxic dust in the air will cause the immune function of the organs such as the kidney to decline. If they continue to develop, nephritis may develop.

  Modern people can accept fast food residues, the nutritional structure is unreasonable, the transition is too high, and too many kidneys will lead to decreased resistance.

  Overdose of health products also suffer from nephropathy. The clinical manifestations of kidney weakness are dry mouth, dull complexion, frequent urination, urgency, weak waist and knees, etc. In severe cases, symptoms such as tinnitus, hematuria, blurred vision, etc.

  Experts point out that after the above symptoms, do not rush into medical treatment.

Many kidney diseases are caused by unclear personal constitution, so-called professional doctors make detailed diagnoses, and excessive consumption of health products causes disruption of the internal balance of the human body.