[How to make fig chicken soup]_How to make_Methods

[How to make fig chicken soup]_How to make_Methods

Figs must be known to many people. They are a kind of medicinal and food ingredients. They can be eaten as fruits and contain rich vitamins. They can be used for intestinal laxatives, treat constipation, and alleviate symptoms such as gastrointestinal digestion.Chinese medicinal materials have the effect of enhancing human immunity and anti-cancer effect.

There are many ways to eat, here is a brief introduction on how to make fig chicken soup.

Fig chicken soup is a soup that is very suitable for nourishing and nourishing the lungs.

Fig is a natural health food.

It contains a variety of vitamins, carotene, and also contains a lot of inorganic elements that are beneficial to the human body, which has a good effect on enhancing the body’s health and anti-cancer ability.

In addition, figs metabolize dietary fiber. Pectin and hemicellulose can absorb a variety of chemicals after absorbing and expanding, so that various harmful substances can be absorbed and transferred, purified and replaced, and the beneficial bacteria can multiply in each other, which can inhibit the inhibition.Rising blood sugar, maintaining normal plasma levels, excluding the role of carcinogens.

Cooking steps: 1. Wash the chicken and cut into pieces, put them in a casserole with figs and ginger, and add plenty of water; 2. Bring to a boil, turn to medium and small heat pot for half an hour;

5 hours; 4, season with salt.

Other fig methods First: fig stewed trotters magnetic therapy: figs, trotters, broccoli, ginger, garlic, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate practices: put ginger, garlic and pepper together in a pot, add figs and cut into piecesPork trotters, stir-fried with sauerkraut, add seasonings after half an hour and you are ready to cook.

Efficacy: After taking this recipe, it can effectively protect the health of the body. In addition, it tastes very good. At the same time, it can supplement the body with sufficient nutrients and promote health.

Second: Fig porridge material: Figs, previous rice, rock sugar Practice: Wash the first rice, put it in the pot and boil the porridge, add the peeled figs and cook after sticky, add rock sugar before boiling.

Efficacy: The main function of this recipe is to nourish lungs and detoxify, and to strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi. It has a very good therapeutic effect on some sore throats, coughs, diarrhea and hemorrhoids, and early diabetes.

It is recommended to take fig porridge every day, for 20 consecutive days can achieve very good results.

Third: Fig Tea Material: Figs, Green Fruits, Honey Practice: Put figs and honey together in a pot, add water to cook, and finally add honey to the pot.

Efficacy: This tea drink can effectively eliminate swelling and pain and protect the throat, especially suitable for throat discomfort, constipation and hoarseness.

Lung fever patients.


[Can I eat leek in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can I eat leek in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

Leek can be eaten in early pregnancy. The nutritional value of leek is relatively high. We know that pregnant women are prone to constipation during early pregnancy. Eating some leek properly has a good effect on promoting defecation, and it wastes a lot of fiberAt the same time, it has a certain effect of promoting appetite, but also contains a certain amount of calcium, also has a certain effect in preventing calcium deficiency in pregnant women.

Can I eat leek in early pregnancy? Pregnant women can eat leek. The nutritional value of leek is very high, which can bring nutrition to expectant mothers during pregnancy.

First of all, leeks are very rich in nutrients, among which protein, trace and fat are all essential nutrients for our human body, while rich carotene and vitamin C can enhance the resistance of pregnant women and promote the development of obesity.The supplementary fiber can promote digestion, facilitate the excretion of carcinogens and toxic substances, and improve constipation. This is very beneficial during pregnancy.

In fact, leek also contains calcium, which can prevent diseases caused by calcium deficiency, but also prevent fetal calcium deficiency, and promote the normal development of fetal baby bones.

In addition, the taste of chives is also very appetizing. Many expectant mothers will lose their appetite during pregnancy. At this time, it is best to eat some chives for appetizing.

It should be noted that lactating women are advised to eat less leek.

Because leek has the effect of returning milk, it will lead to reduced milk secretion and reduce milk secretion after production.

In addition, chives are sweet and spicy, and excessive consumption often causes diarrhea. It is recommended that you control the amount when eating!

Some people should not eat leek1. People with indigestion or weak gastrointestinal function are susceptible to heartburn and should not eat more.

2, “Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded: “Leek more food is dizzy, especially after drinking.”

Modern medicine believes that people with hyperactivity and thermal implantation are not suitable for consumption.

3. People with tonsillitis, nasal purulence, and otitis media cannot eat leek.

4, do not like spicy food, people who are prone to allergies should not eat, in addition, special populations should eat less leek.


[Can peanuts cure constipation]_ recommended diet

銆 愯 姳 鐢 熻 兘 Ambiguous research crepe birch 銆 抧 銆 銆 ㄨ 崘 楗 
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China Microelectronics (600360) in-depth report: Juli invests in high-end devices and takes the road of semiconductor localization

China Microelectronics (600360) in-depth report: Juli invests in high-end devices and takes the road of semiconductor localization

Key investment points: 1. The global power semiconductor market size was 36.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, an annual growth rate of 11%, and the growth rate has been replaced. It has become an overcapacity in the semiconductor industry in the second half of 2018, while demand has decreased, and the prices of some semiconductor devices 杭州夜网 have fallen.

However, China’s market demand is still strong. In 2018, the size of China’s power semiconductor market was about 111.4 billion U.S. dollars, an annual increase of 19%, and it is expected that two digital growth will continue in 2019.

  2. The domestic power semiconductor market is mainly monopolized by international manufacturers, and the import rate in the high-end device field has reached more than 80%. Due to the rising technical barriers in the power semiconductor industry, it is difficult for local companies to compete with international manufacturers in the short term.At present, companies have considerable market share in the fields of diodes, low-voltage MOSFETs, etc., and many companies are actively investing in research and development of high-end devices, and the domestic power semiconductor market is gradually achieving replacement.

3. As the leader of the domestic power semiconductor industry, Huawei Electronics has always had a stable market share. The company’s MOSFET series and fast recovery diodes have strong competitiveness in China. At present, the company’s production capacity has been converted, and some 4-inch production lines have been converted. 5Inch and 6-inch production lines to produce high-end power devices, the company currently has an annual output of 80,000 chips / month for 4-inch chips, 130,000 chips / month for 5-inch chips, and 6-inch chips.

Chip production capacity of 50,000 pieces / month.

  4. China Microelectronics Investment in 2019 11.

The construction of a new power electronic device base of US $ 3.2 billion. The new project is mainly to build a 6-inch production line and an 8-inch production line. It mainly produces IGBT, low-voltage TRENCH-MOS, super junction MOS, and IC chips supporting the company’s mainstream products.Bring 9.

18 ppm / year income, and 1.

$ 900 million / year after-tax return, project rate of return.

  5. Due to the shrinking competition in the semiconductor market, the market downturn of Huawei Electronics in the second half of 2018 and early 2019 may continue into the second half of 2019.

The company’s operating income is expected to be 17 in 2019-2021.

800 million, 18.

700 million, 20.

200 million, annual growth of 4%, 5%, 8%, net profit is 1.

00 ppm, 1.

1.5 billion, 1.

5.4 billion, an annual increase of 2.

27%, 14.

02%, 34.

34%, EPS are 0.

105 yuan, 0.

119 yuan, 0.

160 yuan.

The company’s PE in 2019 is expected to be 65 times, corresponding to the target of 6.

825 yuan, corresponding to the target market value of 65.

79 trillion, given a “hold” rating.

  Risks revealed: The global semiconductor industry has decreased, and the profit of low-end power devices has declined.

The fund-raising projects of the company are expanding and contracting, the project implementation is complicated, and there is a risk of delay.

The company’s short-term budget expenditures and performance have declined, and its short-term debt repayment ability has weakened.


Tonghua Dongbao (600867) Quarterly Review: Achieving Rapid Growth, Ganjing Is Expected to Open a New Era of Development

Tonghua Dongbao (600867) Quarterly Review: Achieving Rapid Growth, Ganjing Is Expected to Open a New Era of Development
Net profit in the first three quarters was at least basically flat, and cash flow improved significantly.57 ppm, a ten-year increase2.41%, net profit attributable to mothers6.880,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.08%, net profit after deduction 688 ppm, a 10-year increase3.40%.The third quarter revenue was 6.23 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.14%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 1.5.6 billion, an annual increase of 3.36%.Net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters was 9.470,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.48%.Accounts receivable and bills receivable decreased by 0 compared with the first half.8.7 billion to 5.99 ppm, indicating continuous optimization of channel inventory.  Core preparations achieved rapid growth, and sales were arranged ahead of the first three quarters of the company’s operating income.In terms of business, at the rate of US $ 5.1 billion, insulin: preparation revenue is expected to achieve two-digit growth, and exports of overseas APIs are expected to double, and it is expected that inventory will be optimized to a good level in the second half of the year.In terms of equipment: needle needle income is expected to increase and increase; test paper and pen income are expected to increase.The revenue of the Chinese medicine sector has declined, and the real estate 武汉夜生活 subsidiary is expected to increase its revenue.  The gross profit margin for the first three quarters was 74.75%, increase by 2 every year.81pp, with a net profit of 33.35%, a decline of 0 every year.81pp.In terms of period expenses, the first three quarters of management expenses, research and development expenses, and financial expenses were 1.1.7 billion, 5580.0 million, 1305.03 thousand, +0 compared with the same period last year.4%, -23.4%, +127.0%.  Selling expenses in the third quarter 2.1.6 billion, previously + 69%, 5 in the first three quarters.57 trillion, +20 for ten years.67% (+2 in the first half).15%), which is expected to preheat for the listing of Ganjing, increasing spending on channel development, academic promotion, and employee training.  Immediate approval of insulin glargine. The research and development pipeline continues to advance the company’s focus on the research and development and production of diabetes drugs. The product echelon is becoming increasingly rich, forming a strong support for the company’s future development.The heavy-weight insulin glargine has completed the on-site inspection and on-site sampling. The samples taken are currently in the final stage of CDE review. We expect to be approved in November.For other varieties, according to the company’s semi-annual report, insulin aspart has been reported to be produced and replaced; insulin aspart 30 injection, insulin aspart 50 injection, liraglutide are at different stages of phase III clinical research; reorganization depends onInsulin probiotics were approved clinically, and sitagliptin metformin tablets (II) medicine registration application was replaced.  We are optimistic about the company’s long-term development and maintain a “buy rating”. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.48, 0.60, 0.75 yuan, corresponding PE is 38, 31, 25 times, we are optimistic about the gradual progress of the diabetes track and company card slots and Ganjing, R & D route continues to advance gradually to meet the product harvest period, and maintain a buy rating.  Risk reminder: The progress of insulin glargine on the market and subsequent sales exceed expectations, the second-generation incremental growth rate is higher than expected, and the progress of R & D and product review is gradually expected


Lu Thai A (000726): The vertical integration leader is relatively stable under the environment of trade friction

Lu Thai A (000726): The vertical integration leader is relatively stable under the environment of trade friction
Key Investment Events: The company announced an interim report, and its revenue in 19H1 dropped by 2 as well.89% to 31.8.5 billion, net profit attributable to mother increased by 9.03% to 4.11 ppm; specific to the second quarter, the company’s revenue also fell by 6.85% to 16.400 million, net profit attributable to mother also decreased by 0.83% to 2.1.6 billion. In terms of business: Q2 orders for the main business of fabrics and shirts are still affected by the trade war. 1) Fabric business: 19H1 revenue increased by 0.6% to 23.3 ppm, the increase was mainly due to the downstream demand bias caused by trade frictions, and sales changes were affected; however, due to the decline in the currency exchange rate, the gross profit margin increased compared to the same period last year.9pp reached 32%; in terms of production capacity, in 18 years 2.On the basis of 900 million meters, Vietnam ‘s second-phase 40 million meters have been released in 19 years. 2) In terms of shirt business: The revenue scale of 19H1 was basically the same as that of the same period of last year, and the fabric business faced a similar operating environment-sales volume was affected by trade friction but gross profit margin increased.8pp, the budget is expected to remain unchanged, but the focus shifts to Southeast Asia. 3) In other non-main business areas: Under the background of the downturn in cotton prices, the cotton transaction volume fell by 93% to 6.86 million yuan. The revenue from the electric and steam business was basically the same as last year but the gross profit margin was 3.6pp down. Financial aspects: Second quarter revenue decreased by 6.9% is mainly related to the expected decline in sales volume, but the beneficiary currencies 杭州夜网论坛 have decreased in value compared with the same period of the previous year, and the gross profit margin of Q2 has increased by 3.0pp to 30.In terms of expense ratio, due to Vietnam ‘s second-stage capacity utilization rate, the Q2 sales and management expense ratio both increased slightly compared with the same period last year, but overall the net interest rate was still increased by 0 compared with the same period last year.8pp to 13.6%.In terms of turnover, accounts receivable and inventory increased by 7% and 16% respectively over the same period of the previous year, and part of the increase in inventory was due to the increase in raw materials.In terms of cash flow, operating cash flow in the second quarter fell 66% year-on-year to 2.09 trillion, mainly due to the decline in sales for ten years and the increase in the size of inventory. Earnings forecast and investment rating: In the long run, the company’s increased production capacity will come mainly from the second phase of the 40 million-meter yarn-dyed fabric project in Vietnam.The growth rate of the shirt business is expected to maintain the existing capacity while undergoing structural adjustment (Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the proportion of production capacity increased, the proportion of domestic production capacity decreased) is expected to increase by 19/20/21 net profit at the same time 10.3% / 7.7% / 6.6% to 9.0/9.6/10.30,000 yuan, corresponding to PE 9.0/8.3/7.8X maintains a “Buy” rating as a manufacturing leader that underestimates high dividends (dividend payout ratios over 50% over the past three years). Risk warning: Sino-US trade frictions intensify, exchange rates fluctuate abnormally, and downstream demand decreases


Must-have strategy: prevent winter respiratory disease

Must-have strategy: prevent winter respiratory disease

Winter is a season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases. Although most people know more than a certain pattern of common sense, most of them know why they don’t.

Experts provided some precautionary measures and explained the reason, which brakes people to prevent diseases more effectively and maintain respiratory tract health.

  Common respiratory infections are common cold, influenza, measles, chicken pox, rubella, mumps, etc. These diseases are mainly transmitted through air droplets.

To prevent respiratory infectious diseases, the following should be noted: avoid cold. When the human body is cold, the blood vessels in the respiratory tract contract, the blood supply is reduced, the local resistance is reduced, and the virus is easily invaded.

  Purify the environment to keep indoor air fresh.

Fresh air can eliminate excess moisture and replace indoor pollutants.

The windows should be opened regularly to keep the air flowing; let the sun shine into the room, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun have a germicidal effect; you can also use vinegar to fumigation the room to improve the disinfection effect.

  Supplement nutrition appropriately increase water and vitamin intake.

Pay attention to add more high-nutrition foods such as fish, meat, eggs, and milk to enhance the body’s immune function; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with vitamin D to neutralize toxins in the body and improve disease resistance; dry winter weather, air dustHigh content, the human nasal mucosa is easy to damage. Pay attention to drink plenty of water to keep the nasal mucosa moist, which can effectively resist the invasion of the virus, and also help to excrete toxins in the body and purify the internal environment.

  Pay attention to the rules of life to ensure adequate sleep.

Abnormal life can easily weaken the immune system function; excess sleep can eliminate fatigue, regulate various functions of the human body, and enhance immunity.

Biotin classified exercise can enhance blood circulation and improve immunity.

But don’t do morning exercises in foggy days, because dense fog contains at least a lot of harmful substances, and water vapor splits, which will affect the gas exchange in human lungs.

  To strengthen personal hygiene and personal protection, wash your hands and gargle frequently. Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth and other parts with dirty hands.

Keep your knowledge out of the air.

  Try to get to less crowded public places.

  You can wear a mask when you go out on a foggy day.

  Immune prophylaxis nutritional nutrition should be carried out before the season, such as influenza, pneumonia, measles, meningococcal and other vaccines.

  Early detection and early treatment When one or more respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, dyspnea, and shortness of breath occur in or around you, you should promptly go to the hospital for treatment, and don’t take it for granted, and don’t take medicine yourself to avoid delayDiagnosis and treatment can delay oneself and affect others.


The two great magic of smooth beauty_1

The two great devil of smooth beauty

Fashion master GiorgioArmani said: “The concept of fashion is not to design a garment that will surpass people, but that the garment should help people show their personality.
“I think the true meaning of make-up is the same. Make-up is another form of clothing. It does not make you” other “, but it should highlight your own beautiful qualities.
Among the many makeup steps, I think the most important thing is the “base makeup”.
  Double magic of perfect base makeup With the continuous evolution of foundations, today’s base makeup products can almost decay into magic, and everyone can be shaped into perfect skin.
At present, the most fashionable powder makeup focuses on “pure and flawless skin texture like a newborn baby”, with a little misty makeup effect, but it is not a skin modified with foundation to lose its natural skin texture.
How to achieve “natural perfection” and “not powdery”?
The answer is simple. Add a few more procedures!
  第一道魔法:妆前饰底产品   现在几乎所有的品牌都会在粉底系列中增加妆前饰底乳的品项,它的功用就像是“重新再造一层完美的肌肤底质”,先把The blemishes, bumps and skin lines on the skin are filled up, so that the skin has a smooth and delicate texture, which not only can make subsequent foundations better applied and more ductile, but also adjust uneven skin tone in advance to reduceThe amount of foundation can improve the transparency of the skin. In addition, the makeup base products also have additional functions such as moisturizing, oil control, and bright complexion, which can make the foundation fit better with the skin and make the makeup last longer.
  Kose’s new base makeup series “Qi Si Bi” includes two base makeup products when it is launched: Wanmei 3-D Modified Liquid uses two different pearl ingredients to create a 3D three-dimensional effect and a small face effect for the skin.The double modification effect of the makeup base liquid can adjust uneven skin tone, redness and modify large pores.
PAUL & JOE Sugar Porcelain Sunscreen Isolation Base Liquid adds the brand’s unique mysterious gold powder, which instantly brightens the complexion.
  Shine’s declaration of brightening foundation liquid is suitable for the local lightening of the bridge of the nose, brow bone or cheekbones, bringing a soft halo effect to the skin.
The newly launched Crystal Smart Makeup Curd from LUNASOL, which contains up to 70% moisture and star component silk protein extraction essence, is almost like a skin care product, which gives skin an excellent moisturizing degree.
  There are also some tips for using makeup base primer. Do not push with fingertips, but use the knuckle of the middle finger to the palm, and slide it over a large area, so that the makeup base primer can evenly cover the entire skin and the nose.For the portion, add an extra gentle movement with your fingertips to create a perfect layer of muscle for the skin.
  The second magic: make good use of concealer Concealer can be divided into two parts, one is to cover the dark areas of dark circles, and the other is to modify skin defects such as acne scars, spots.
To make the skin look perfect, the technique of concealing ca n’t be sloppy. First, the area of the dark circles. Choose a color lighter than the original skin tone. Then, apply a concealer to the cheekbones from the middle of the eye and the bridge of the nose.Then, use your fingertips to gently conceal the concealer under the eyes and spread it out by pressing. There are two small tricks to master: one is that the closer to the eyes, the less the amount of concealer, because theThe skin is very thin. Using too much concealer will not only cause powder marks, but also easy to remove makeup. At the end of the eye, spread the concealer evenly and bring the rest of the fingertips around the eyes. In addition,Concealers are often overlooked, because the eyes of Orientals are relatively slender. If you can really cover the dullness of the end of the eye, it will produce the effect of raising the end of the eye, making the eyes look more glamorous immediately!
  For concealer of acne scars and spots, it is recommended to use a concealer brush, which will not only make the concealer more conformable, but also reduce the amount of concealer and avoid causing unnatural skin areas; grasp an important point when concealing and applyAfter covering the main part, remember to lightly press the excess concealer around the covered part to blend it into the original skin tone. You can hide the flaws without leaving traces and create the perfect skin foundation.


Make good autumn sun protection and whitening without leaving dead ends_1

Make good autumn sun protection and whitening without leaving dead ends

The season is coming in late summer and early autumn, and many mm may feel that the temperature is slowly decreasing, and the sun protection work can be relaxed.

Big mistake, temperature and sun protection are not the same thing, sun protection in autumn is a serious battle.

It’s easy to miss some dead spots.

If not handled properly, it may lead to the consequences of sunburn on the skin.

  The following is a summary of the common dead spots of sun protection in late summer and early autumn. What on earth have you not realized before?

  Dead corner 1: Hairline reasons: When you absorb sunscreen, you’re afraid of applying it to your hair, so you can’t use sunscreen to completely cover the hairline.

If exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lead to tanning near the hairline and appear contour.

  Solution: Apply sunscreen more thoroughly and completely cover the hairline.

  Dead corner 2: Eyebrow heart Cause: Eyebrow heart is located in the center of the T area of the face, and the skin is most susceptible to oil and water imbalance.

When applying sunscreen to avoid eye area, often forget to cover the eyebrows with sunscreen.

  Solution: When applying sunscreen, apply it on the eyebrows separately.

  Dead corner three: Causes of the eyes: If you want to see a person’s physical age, look at her eyes. You can see how weak the skin is in this area, and it is the most vulnerable to wrinkles caused by sunlight.

  Solution: Use sunscreen eye cream to cover the corners of the eyes separately.

  Dead corner 4: Nose reason: The nose is the most dense place of sebaceous glands in the whole body. Many mm are unwilling to apply sunscreen on the nose because of the fear of oil, resulting in red nose.

  Solution: Apply sunscreen on the nose as well, but choose products that target oily skin.

  Dead angle five: Lip reason: Many mm think that the lips do not need sun protection.

  Solution: Experts point out that strong sunlight can cause obvious wrinkles on lips, overlapping lips are dry, and there is no gloss.

To keep your lips hydrated in the sun, use sunscreen lipstick.

  Dead angle six: behind the ear reasons: the easiest to ignore, but in fact, the ears and hair do not completely block the sun.

  Solution: When applying sunscreen, don’t forget to give it a little behind your ears.

  Dead angle seven: Cause of mortality: The neck, like the eyes, is also an important part of the exposed age. Here the skin connects the face and the body, which is very critical and special.

In summer, the average is also vulnerable to sunburn.

  Solution: Use sunscreen specially developed for the skin of the neck. The application method is from bottom to top. Sticking to the massage can also prevent horizontal lines and skin sagging in the neck.


What are the dangers of excessive napping in children?

What are the dangers of excessive napping in children?

Everyday, people think that children take a nap is a good habit that is good for health.

However, according to the British “Daily Telegraph”, multiple naps will affect children’s normal sleep at night, and will cut off their brain activity and affect their mental performance.

  The research was carried out by a research team led by Joe McNamara of top US universities.

  The team tested 27 preschoolers to see how well they were solving some of the problems that required planning and organizational skills.

The test results found that the longer the children took a nap, the fewer the problems they solved; the later the children slept at night, the worse their performance was.

  The results coincide with an investigation conducted by John Haas of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Haas and his colleagues surveyed the sleeping habits of 738 children between the ages of two and twelve, and found that children who slept during the day would fall asleep 39 minutes late at night, and would get even later on the weekend.

These children will find it difficult to fall asleep at night, their sleep quality is not good, and they will struggle to get up in the morning.

  At the same time, Dr. Haas pointed out that there may be a problem of “people first have chickens or eggs first.” Some children sleep at night because of their nap during the day; these children need nap, which may be because they sleep less at night.

Therefore, if the child is drowsy in the afternoon, the nap must be moderate, do not affect the normal sleep at night, so as not to form a vicious cycle and affect mental health.