[Small green cabbage scrambled eggs]_How to do_How to do

[Small green cabbage scrambled eggs]_How to do_How to do

Small greens and eggs are a kind of food that is rarely seen in people’s daily life. These two kinds of home-made foods have high nutritional value.

Of course, the two can also be used together to make home-cooked vegetables like scrambled eggs.

Of course, when making scrambled eggs with greens, there are certain skills.

Below, I will introduce the practice of scrambled eggs with greens!

First, the method of making scrambled eggs with vegetables (1) Pour the eggs into a bowl, add some cooking wine to make egg liquid, and set aside.

(2) Wash and remove the vegetables, cut them on the case panel, and set aside.

(3) Pour the oil in the wok and heat it up.

(4) Next, stir-fry the vegetables until it breaks.

(5) Then, mix in the eggs, add some salt, season the chicken and stir well.

Second, the nutritional value of vegetables 1.
Provide nutrition, healthy and healthy vegetables is one of the most abundant vegetables with vitamins and minerals. If an adult eats 500 grams of vegetables a day, it can meet the vitamins, carotene, calcium, iron, etc. that the body needs.Physiological needs provide material conditions that help strengthen the body’s immune capabilities.

2.Maintaining Vascular Elasticity Green cabbage contains a large amount of crude fibers. When it enters the human body and is slightly combined, it can prevent the formation of plasma insulin. The metabolite-cholic acid can be regenerated in vitro to reduce the formation of atherosclerosis and maintain vascular elasticity.

3.Moisturize the skin and delay aging. Green vegetables are rich in carotene (1 times more than beans, 4 times more than tomatoes and melons) and vitamin C. After entering the human body, it can promote skin cell metabolism and prevent skin roughness and pigmentation.Brightens skin.

anti aging.

4.Vitamin C contained in anti-cancer and anti-cancer greens will form a “hyaluronic acid inhibitor” in the body. This substance has anti-cancer effects and can eliminate vitality.

In addition, the crude fiber contained in vegetables can promote colonic peristalsis, increase the excretion of endotoxins in the large intestine, and achieve the purpose of preventing cancer.

Third, the nutritional value of eggs According to analysis, every 100 grams of eggs contain 14 protein.

7 grams, mainly ovalbumin and ovoglobulin, which contains 8 amino acids necessary for the human body, and is very similar to the composition of human protein. The human body’s absorption rate of egg protein can be as high as 98%.

Fat per 100 grams of eggs?
15 grams, mainly concentrated in the egg yolk, is also easily digested and absorbed by the body. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, sterols, yolks, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins.

These ingredients are great for improving the function of the nervous system, so eggs are a better brain food.


[How to make a strong mint milk drink]_The common practice of strong mint milk drink_The practice of strong mint milk drink_How to make strong mint milk drink

[How to make a strong mint milk drink]_The common practice of strong mint milk drink_The practice of strong mint milk drink_How to make a strong mint milk drink

When you return from work one day, you will definitely feel exhausted.

Of course, you also feel empty at this time, how to fill your belly?

The best thing is to get out of the kitchen yourself.

When you taste the food in your sweat, you must feel extremely sweet.

Now, let ‘s try to make a strong mint milk drink.


Add the weighed dry mint to the pot.


1 Pour the corresponding fresh milk and water into the pan while adding mint.


2 Rinse quickly.


After the fire has boiled, you can turn off the fire and cover the shell. After 15 minutes, you can filter out the mint.

Seeing this, don’t be intimidated by the strong mint milk drink introduced above.

Although the process is a bit more, but it is really very coherent to do it, then take advantage of the freshness of memory, and quickly do it.


[Is it possible to put ginger in maternal stew]_Breastfeeding_Can you put ginger

[Is it possible to put ginger in maternal stew]_Breastfeeding_Can you put ginger

After giving birth, the body will be very weak. After several months of rest, the Chinese choose to confine. This month is the key period of recovery. Of course, after you give birth, you should pay attention to it.Don’t put too much Chinese pepper aniseed. The food you eat during confinement is best not to add salt. You can put a little ginger, but it should be divided into different types.

Can confinement be made by confinement? Women are at their most vulnerable period after giving birth.

At this time, the most important thing is to take good care of yourself and eat more nutritious things.

However, pay attention to what can be eaten and not eaten during limb replacement during confinement.

Some pregnant women feel that the confinement meal is too light and want to put some ginger in the soup.

So, can I put ginger in confinement soup?

Ginger is rich in vitamins. Maternal eating ginger can replenish energy, replenish energy, maintain vitality, reduce fatigue caused by production, and restrain pain.

Ginger is rich in nutritional elements. Maternal production will lose nutrition. Ginger can supplement nutrition, strengthen the body, and promote postpartum recovery of the body.

So you can put ginger in the soup.

Seasonings such as onion, ginger, and garlic are edible and will not affect the secretion of milk.

However, if you eat too much ginger, it is easy to get angry, so the mother should pay attention to control the amount of ginger when eating ginger.

In addition, after giving birth to a child, women should have balanced nutrition on the diet, be light, and not be too greasy.

Avoid too cold, spicy food.

Don’t eat too much nutritious nourishing foods, some ginseng, velvet antler, etc., avoid irritating fractures and foods that are too hard and difficult to digest.

Therefore, the onion turmeric wine strives to eat less, the soup should be less salt, you can add red dates, longan and so on.

Usually eat more food such as trotters soup, it is good for milk secretion.

Therefore, you can put ginger in the soup during confinement, just pay attention to control the amount.

After giving birth, the mother should take care of her body and strengthen the implantation of her own nutrition.

What you should not eat during confinement should be taboo. At the same time, keep your mood faster and chat with your family more often, which is also conducive to postpartum recovery.


Huafa (600325): 100 billion yuan on the fast track to growth

Huafa (600325): 100 billion yuan on the fast track to growth

Base Camp Zhuhai, the core beneficiary of the Greater Bay Area.

The company is a leading real estate development company in Zhuhai. It has been cultivating in Zhuhai for more than 20 years. The market share of the company after passing the location has been above 10%.

With the accelerated construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and benchmarking of international New York and Tokyo Bay areas, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao has room for improvement in terms of both population and GDP in terms of tertiary output by more than 20%, while Zhuhai serves as the secondary core of the Bay AreaOne of the cities, 2018 is a city with rapid population migration in the five prefecture-level cities in the Pearl River Delta. The population absorption capacity is strong. The company is one of the most beneficial real estate targets for the development of the Bay Area.

The layout is superior. The cities in the first and second tiers and metropolitan areas are the main ones. The expansion in different places has achieved initial results.

At present, Huafa focuses on the first- and second-tier cities such as Zhuhai, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Tianjin, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Qingdao, with a total land reserve of more than 15 million square meters, of which the first- and second-tier cities account for 52%.Accounting for 97%.

The Yangtze River Delta / Pearl River Delta / North China / Central China land reserves accounted for 4 respectively.

7% / 32.

3% / 23.

0% / 37.


The national distribution has achieved initial results.

In addition to its diversified layout and strong anti-risk capability, the company’s floor price / average sales price has declined year by year since 2016, which is 0.



16. Be cautious in taking land, maintain sustainable profitability in the future, and have the advantages of state-owned enterprise financing and flexible operating mechanisms.

The company’s asset-liability ratio excluding advance receipts was 77.

9% of the listed real estate companies with the same leverage, the company 6.

44% of the comprehensive financing cost is one of the lowest levels. Compared with local state-owned enterprises, it has a higher sales scale and growth rate. Compared with radical private enterprises, it has the advantage of state-owned financing.The sales and management expense ratio under the initial caliber has been shifted linearly from 2014, and the expense ratio has shifted from 2.

8% and 4% all the way down to 1 in 2018.

5% and 1.

6%, the cost control effect is good, the company has also tried almost all common incentive methods in the market, with both state-owned enterprise financing and flexible operating management system advantages.

The new construction started at a high growth rate to ensure sales flexibility, and has the second highest performance certainty in history.

From the perspective of sales and performance, the company’s new construction area / sale area in the previous year is generally stable at 1-1.

5, and the company’s 5.14 million square meters of new construction area in 2018 (a year-on-year increase of 233%) is a sufficient guarantee for the value of pushable goods in 2019. It is expected that the company’s completion of USD 100 billion in 2019 may be potential, with an expected growth rate of 72%.
Leading sales scale to a new level.

The performance of 2019 is highly deterministic. The company’s advance receipts at the end of 2018 were 39 billion, which is 1 of the 18 years of revenue.

65 times, performance certainty reached the second highest point in history in 2013, basically unchanged from 2016.

Covered for the first time, given an overweight rating, with a target price of 10 in 2019.

2 yuan.

The company is a leading developer of real estate in Zhuhai, the core beneficiary of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It owns the advantages of state-owned enterprises’ resources plus multiple bonuses for multiple incentives, and has achieved a nationwide layout.

Among the housing companies with the same market value, it has the highest sales growth target and strong performance certainty.

The current land reserves are mainly distributed in the second-tier cities of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Rim, and central China, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Shenyang, and Zhongshan, which together account for the total land reserves.

3% are cities with long-term population inflows and demand.

In summary, we believe that the company’s sales scale has higher potential for growth, and it is expected to reach a new level in the next two 深圳spa会所 years, giving it an increase in holdings.

It is predicted that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother for 2019-2021 will be 30.



900 million, the previous growth rate was 39.6% / 26.

1% / 23.


The corresponding EPS is 1.



21 yuan.

Comparable companies estimate that we give the company a target PE of 7 in 2019.

2 times the target price of 10.

2 yuan, up 28%.

RNAV measurement 15.

98 yuan, 50% off the current price.

Risk reminder: Most of the company’s short-term forensics inventory is located in Zhuhai. Due to the influence of a single local policy change, the Zhuhai market is strongly related to the company’s short-term sales; the company’s leverage ratio is high and short-term debt is under pressure.


Bank of Beijing (601169) Quarterly Report Comment: Performance Meets Expected Provisions

Bank of Beijing (601169) Quarterly Report Comment: Performance Meets Expected Provisions

Profit before provision increases by 20 per year.

9%: operating income of 481 in the first three quarters of 2019.

200 million US dollars, an annual increase of 17%, and realized a pre-provision profit of 37.4 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 20.

9%, 180 yuan net profit.

5.5 billion, an annual increase of 8.


The balance of deposits increased by 10 from the beginning of the year.

16%, the net loan amount increased by 11.

71%, expecting risky assets to grow from an earlier stage2.


In the third quarter of 2019, the net interest margin of the single quarter rose 3BP from the previous quarter: The rise of the net interest margin from the previous quarter was mainly driven by the upward return on the asset side.

The average return on the asset side in the third quarter was 4.

21%, an increase of 3 BP from the second quarter.

Debt-side deposits increased by 0.

4%, 北京夜网 peer resistance decreased by 1 compared with the previous quarter.

1%, the comprehensive cost of the debt side remained flat in the second quarter.

In the third quarter, loans increased by 39.1 billion yuan in a single quarter, an increase of 2 from the previous quarter.

96%: From the single quarter data in the third quarter, the credit increased by 39.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 2 from the previous quarter.


Inter-bank assets continued to shrink, with a decrease of 10 in the third quarter.


Risk-causing capital assets have only increased by less than 3% compared with the beginning of the year, and endogenous growth of capital has been achieved.

In terms of deposits, as the growth rate of deposits is relatively fast, the cost of comprehensive liabilities remains basically stable.

In the first three quarters, net fee fee income gradually decreased11.

7%: Due to the rapid growth of other non-interest income, the growth rate of comprehensive non-interest income achieved 39% growth.

Third quarter NPL ratio 1.

41%, a decrease of 4BP from the previous month, and an earlier decrease of 5BP: the net non-performing rate in the third quarter was 0.

55%, 45 blood pressure drops compared to the second quarter.

Provision coverage in the third quarter continued to increase, reaching 229%, an increase of nearly 17 segments from the second quarter.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations: Bank of Beijing’s non-performing generation declined in the third quarter, and interest margins rebounded in a single quarter.

The company made breakthroughs in bad disposals and provisions, and its performance was in line with expectations.

The company currently expects the corresponding 2019-2020 PB estimate to be zero.

62 times, 0.

56 times, maintain “overweight” rating.

Risk factors: The economic recession is better than expected; the market decline presents systemic risks.


Sinopharm Accord (000028) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Retail Segment Revenue Accelerates Month-on-Month Zero Synergy Strategy

Sinopharm Accord (000028) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Retail Segment Revenue Accelerates Month-on-Month Zero Synergy Strategy

The company’s performance in the first three quarters of 2019 maintained steady growth; the brand upgrade strategy is expected to gradually come to fruition; GPO policies help accelerate the realization of the advantages of the sales network, and continuous improvement in cash flow; WBA’s entry stocks promote the upgrade of the retail business model.

Continue to recommend and maintain the “overweight” rating.

The Q3 2019 performance resumed steady growth, in line with expectations.

The company achieved revenue of 388 in 2019Q1-3.

76 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

38%; net profit attributable to mother 9.

62 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

79%; net profit of non-attributed mothers 9.

43 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

14%; net operating cash flow 10.

7.3 billion, an annual increase of 90.

24%; realized earnings per share 2.

25 yuan, an annual increase of 3.


In a single quarter, 2019Q3 respectively achieved revenue, net profit attributable to mothers, and net profit attributable to non-mothers 136.

4.8 billion / 3.

1.1 billion / 3.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 24.

21% / 9.

14% / 7.


The company’s integration of wholesale and retail integration has begun to materialize. With the expansion of retail business scale and model upgrade, revenue has accelerated and the reported profit has increased steadily, in line with expectations.

Gross profit margin fell steadily, and expenses were well controlled during the period.

Reported volume The company’s gross profit margin drops by 0 every year.

67PCT to 10.

82%, mainly due to the rapid expansion of store expansion and the trend of prescription outflow DTP pharmacy sales increased rapidly.

During the reporting year, the company’s expenses were well controlled, and the sales expense ratio and management expense ratio decreased by 0.


20PCT to 5.

78% / 1.

51%, financial expense ratio rose slightly.

13PCT to 0.

38%, mainly due to the increase in lease debt under the new lease standard from the beginning of the period11.

65 million, the impact of increased interest rate expenditure.

The GPO policy helped accelerate the realization of distribution advantages and continued improvement in cash flow.

The high growth rate of the reported equipment and retail diagnosis and treatment and primary medical sector mainly benefited from the radiation promotion of the SPD project. The rapid deployment of specialized drug stores in Guangdong and Guangxi and the continuous decline of distribution channels are expected to become new profit growth points in the future.

Benefiting from the continuous deepening of the GPO policy in Guangdong and the accelerated realization of the advantages of the distribution network, as of the first half of 2019, Shenzhen has obtained 22/24 varieties of distribution rights, with the proportion of varieties reaching 84% / 96% respectively.

Combining the strong development of innovative businesses such as high-value consumables distribution and hospital services, the distribution sector is expected to usher in a significant turning point.The company’s reported net operating cash flow has increased by 90 per year.

24% to 10.

The cash flow of 7.3 billion US dollars has improved significantly. It is said that it mainly benefited from ① the increase in prepayments after the implementation of volume purchases and the further concentration of the industrial and distribution market share; ② the company’s main business is operating well and its inventory management has been continuously strengthened.

Revenue in the retail sector accelerated month-on-month, and profitability and growth space are expected to rise again.

Reported revenues from national pharmacies increased by approximately 19%, Q3 single-quarter quarter-on-quarter acceleration, and a steady increase in retail business net profit margins, mainly benefiting from the optimization of the sales category structure and the business model upgrade after WBA entered the stock.

The company is advancing the brand integration and upgrade plan from “National University” to “Guozhi”, including hospital cooperation. With the promotion of DTP business, the professional medical service capability is continuously enhanced, and the profitability of the retail sector is continuously improved.

In addition, NUS Pharmacy and WBA launched the “New Concept” pilot pharmacy on Shangnan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai on January 20 to launch a variety cooperation with major global brand suppliers and re-release the Internet for remote consultation, electronic prescription, and chronic disease management.For medical services, sales and transactions increased by 34 in the first half of 2019.

8% / 31.


At the same time, NUS Pharmacy obtained support through WBA’s global strategic resources, improved the catalogue of integrated wholesale and retail products, and actively promoted the construction of provincial platforms.

In addition, considering that WBA’s strategic investment will help the development prospects of NUS Pharmacy, how to achieve global distribution in the future by investing in overseas high-quality resources.

In the medium and long 杭州桑拿网 term, we expect the company’s retail business profitability and growth space to reach another level.

Risk factors.

Industry growth forecast, excessive competition leading to reduced gross profit margin risks, changes in retail health insurance policies, etc.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The company distributes NUS Pharmacy, a leading domestic pharmacy chain company, and further strengthens the commercial layout of the Guangdong and Guangxi regions, and future growth is expected.

Maintain EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 3.



58 yuan, taking into account the significant development space of NUS Pharmacy in the future, maintaining the “overweight” level


Yoga breathing

Yoga breathing

Breathing is the foundation of life and one of the important training contents of Hatha Yoga.

From the perspective of yoga, human physiological problems change their mindset, mood, and eating habits in the wrong way of breathing.

If a yoga practitioner does not work hard from the life-oriented direction of the yoga concept, and hopes to use several yoga moves to fundamentally benefit physical health, it is no different from seeking a fish.

  Especially breathing.

Judging from our yoga teaching experience and daily knowledge, wrong breathing patterns are very common.

For whatever reason, everyone is used to agreeing to this wrong way of breathing, and even causing physical injury without realizing it.

  The purpose of yoga breathing method is to effectively massage the internal organs through a variety of different breathing methods (determined according to the individual’s physiological conditions), stimulate the benign secretion of each physiological gland, activate the pulsation, and may be equivalent to what Chinese medicine saysThe potential power of the meridians, acupoints) to better cleanse the clean body, thereby, laying the foundation for a higher level of spiritual cultivation and spiritual development.

  On the contrary, if there is a breathing problem, the body’s circulatory system, digestive system, and excretory system will be disturbed, and a large amount of toxins will accumulate in various parts of the body and become the source of disease.

  In modern cities, air pollution is quite serious.

The effective oxygen content in the air is becoming less and less, while the population is increasing, and the competition of “oxygen” is becoming more and more important to the burden of cardiopulmonary function.

I think this should also be a reason for the importance of yoga breathing learning in our time.

  Regardless of my personal yoga practice and our team’s experience in teaching yoga, I found that targeted yoga breathing training can improve the body quite quickly and greatly.

  We intend to give a rough introduction to the breathing method of yoga in the content of four lectures.

The methods introduced in this lecture are basically what we have verified in practice and can be learned by most people.

In the deeper study of yoga breathing method, you must follow the guidance of experienced teachers to practice it.

The classification of the entire breath is divided by the location of the breath: Basically, breathing is divided into abdominal breathing, chest breathing, and abdominal-thoracic complete breathing.

Abdominal Breathing-Breathe at the bottom of your lungs. It feels like your abdomen is agitating and the top is relatively immobile.

Chest Breathing-Breathe with the upper and middle parts of the lungs. It feels like the chest is expanding and contracting, and the abdomen is relatively immobile.

Full Breath-The upper, middle and lower parts of the lungs are involved in breathing movements.

The abdomen, skull, and even the whole body feel undulating.

  Only the third breath is the breathing requirement of yoga.

  2 According to the process of breathing: there are two types of breath holding and no breath holding.

The breath hold is divided into two types: breath hold and breath hold.

  3 From the function of breathing, there are three types: left nostril breathing, right nostril breathing, left and right nostril breathing.

  The most important point of the cooperation of the two breathing methods: the breathing method of practicing yoga must be performed in conjunction with the corresponding constriction method (Panda).

Otherwise, the energy inside the body brought by breathing will become chaotic and harm the nervous system.

The choice of yoga breathing method must also be based on the actual situation of the individual scholar (physical condition, personality and emotional condition), which requires the yoga teacher to have a wealth of yoga experience and insight.

Introduction to the basic method of bundling: The purpose of the bundling method is to prevent energy from being disorganized and dissipated, and to transport the energy to the required location.

Triple stimulation of special glands and wake-related chakras.

  There are mainly the following methods to restrain the breathing: 1 Chin restraining method: During the breathing process, the chin is always against the sternum.Combine).

The ribs should be raised, and the head, sternum, belly button, and two thighs should be on a midline.

  2 Perineal constriction method: vertical contraction of the central part between the anus and the genitals, at the same time press the front of the lower abdomen and the lower part of the navel to the front and back.

  3 abdomen closing method: generally in conjunction with exhalation.

The viscera is pulled upwards and backwards through the diaphragm through the diaphragm.

Feel the belly completely concave.


Good week plan for office workers

Good week plan for office workers

How to keep yourself relaxed, uplifted and optimistic mentality is a concern for everyone in the workplace.

Faced with more and more challenges and pressures, coupled with the lack of necessary psychological coping measures, office workers are increasingly suffering from psychological problems.

The following “Good mood plan for the week” may help you-Plan 1: A constructive Monday mentality: What did you do, what did you think on Saturday and Sunday, and what is your mood? This is not the key to the problemIt is important that you learn to adopt a constructive mindset for the first working day of the week ahead.

If you are a 100% office worker, you must pay special attention to distinguishing the boundaries between work and leisure, and do not delay any unnecessary emotional transition.

Before you go out on Monday morning, you can tell yourself this: a new job is waiting for me. From now on, put away yesterday’s mood and sorrow, adjust your mindset, and meet various challenges.

  Advice: Don’t expect others to appease you because of your personal feelings that are not related to your work, and treat you well, and don’t expect others to forgive you for the delays or mistakes you may make.

You should be a complete and independent professional, and your position should not be easily replaced by others.

  Plan 2: Indifferent Tuesday mentality: On Tuesday night, unless it is overtime, your friends, your friends’ friends will basically stay at home, and if you want to find them, you will basically not get lost.

If you want to invite them out to play, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult.

If you still do n’t give up and ask why, they will probably say, “It ‘s nothing, just do n’t want to move, another day!

“If you still don’t give up, then I will congratulate you, indicating that you were born with a strong optimism.

  Advice: Just after a tense and complicated Monday, many things still lack a clearly visible context. Is the ending as expected?

Will there be unexpected changes in the meantime?

Is the plan thorough?

Will the deviation from the implementation exceed the norm?

A series of unknowns are facing you.

  Plan 3: Happy Wednesday Mindset: I have a girlfriend and my situation is average.

However, she has always been very happy. Based on her laughter, she can be regarded as a kind of happiness in the heart.

So I started to pay attention, what is the psychological basis for her so much happiness?

Once, she came to me angrily, saying that she had voted for a movie script of a magazine not long ago, and some of the plots were actually misappropriated.

Oh my God!

The “appropriate” she called was a well-known playwright!

She said she would visit the celebrity with her manuscript.

After a few days, she came to report to me again: the alarm was lifted!

She was particularly touched by this “visit”. It is said that the writer and writer did not look down upon her, an attractive author, and described her thoughts in detail about the detailed experience of the film being released at the time.

After some more days, she suddenly offered to invite me to dinner.

Talking at the dining table, she said that she had met a descendant of the official, and this “Gege” opened a company, specially hired her as general manager, and I felt that she should be a bit sorry for her “abandoning the text to do business”, because according toAs far as I know, becoming a playwright is her dream all along.

Unexpectedly, she laughed, made the expression of wanting to rest, raised her hand to call the waiter-pay!

And an admonition: “Issue a ticket.

“Just a joke, the thing that worries me most about this meal is whether there is any place to reimburse this ticket.

  Advice: Although this friend of mine is a little too much in “daydreaming”, at least she is happy.

On Wednesday, you might as well learn her. Imagination is outstanding. Imagination is successful. Imagination is great. This may help you make a positive assessment of the past two days this week and the next two days.

  Plan 4: Thursday mentality of integration: To make your room refreshing, you must clean up the home in the room regularly. You should stay, you should throw, and you must re-add.

Psychological burden reduction is also possible. You must first identify the source and nature of the contradictions, analyze them one by one, classify them, and make correct judgments.

  Advice: Remember that people in the past wanted antique democratic meetings once a week, and cadres and the masses sat together face-to-face to exchange work experience and give opinions to each other.

This approach should have a positive effect on promoting solidarity and cooperation among people.

In the information age, people rely more on self-discipline and self-examination to improve their psychological quality.

  Plan 5: OK Friday mentality: Do you want to keep in mind that the work you completed on this day is higher in quantity and quality than usual?Some of the things that seem to be a headache in peacetime are suddenly easy to resolve on this day.

If you are the one who is most reluctant to work overtime, you will unknowingly do it on this day. You will not be woken up until you have a phone call, and you will be amazed by “the time goes by so fast”.

If, tomorrow, you are going to move into your new home, tomorrow you are going to be a bride or groom. For you today, everything can be OK, because there is a strong psychological power system supporting you.

  Advice: Since Friday’s mood is so easy, why not take advantage of this good mood to do some creative and pioneering work?

After refreshing your mood, I believe there will be unexpected gains on this day.


Three ways to relieve constipation in the elderly

Three ways to relieve constipation in the elderly

In winter, the dryness of the sky and the slow metabolism of the human body, coupled with the decrease in outdoor activities, the constipation of the elderly will increase significantly.

The occurrence of constipation in the elderly seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly.

When the elderly defecates excessively, it can cause changes in coronary arteries and cerebral blood flow. Due to the decrease in cerebral blood flow, fainting can occur during defecation. Coronary arterial insufficiency may cause angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and hypertension can cause cerebral blood vessels.Unexpectedly, it may cause aneurysm or ventricular aneurysm rupture, cardiac mural thrombus replacement, arrhythmia, and even sudden death.

Here are some effective ways to relieve constipation for the elderly.

  Rub your stomach to promote bowel movements.

Rubbing the abdomen every morning, midnight and night, persisting for a week will be effective.

Rubbing the tummy is mainly to massage the five points around the navel of the human body and on the tummy to promote the contraction of the tibial muscles and strengthen intra-abdominal peristalsis.

When massaging, you can press your left hand on the abdomen, palms facing the navel, and your right hand stacked on your left hand, rubbing your belly clockwise first, then counterclockwise.

  Cook some olive oil.

Because many elderly people are hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, their diets are relatively light, which is one of the causes of constipation, because the human body also needs oil lubrication.

It is recommended that older people add olive oil to their diet.

Olive oil can directly moisturize the intestines, its decomposition products or stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so it can effectively improve the symptoms of constipation.

You can also add a few drops of sesame oil to a cold dish or noodles, which has the same effect.

  Laver soup twice a week.

The elderly should be constipated and not diarrhea. Laver is the best food for winter intestines.

Compared with other ingredients, it may be abnormally soft crude fiber, containing crude fiber 4 per 100 grams of dry product.

8 grams, is a dedicated “scavenger” in the human body, which can promptly remove mucus, gas and spoils in the interconnection, which is very helpful to relieve constipation.

The method of laver soup is simple, take 15 grams each time, soak it with water before eating, add water, add soy sauce, and boil the sesame oil.

  In addition, the elderly should be careful not to develop the habit of relying on laxatives.

Laxatives make food pass through the body too quickly, reducing the digestion and absorption of food involved, resulting in loss of multiple nutrients.

Long-term use of laxatives can relax and deform the intestinal muscles, imbalance the flora, and worsen constipation.

The elderly should develop the habit of regular bowel movements.

Although there is no inconvenience, go to the toilet on time.

After a long time, it will form a bowel reflection, which can effectively defecate regularly.

In addition, focus on defecation, not reading newspapers or listening to music.


Uncovering the nutritional secrets of muscular men

Uncovering the nutritional secrets of muscular men

There are still many unsolved mysteries in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, but the nutritional pyramids are fully presented.

If you are still exploring the mystery of muscle growth, let’s start with “eat”.

  Constantly adding three meals a day will only make you eat a lot of protein and your aunt, which will bring poor absorption and excess meat that goes against your wishes.

For fitness enthusiasts, every 2?
Eating at 3 hours is the best state, so that the muscles can get a steady stream of nutrition, and will not cause slight accumulation due to excessive nutrition.

For many office workers who are nine to five, it is difficult to have such conditions, and long-term fasting at work also means muscle loss.

For those friends whose vision muscles are as important as life, choosing a nutritious meal pack or energy bar instead of a meal is a great choice.

  The variety of foods should be very disgusting if you eat almost the same thing every day.

Just like we often change the training plan to produce boring feeling, you have to change your recipe often, the best way is to buy different foods every week.

This not only balances your interests, but also allows you to understand how your body responds to different foods.

Don’t eat the same thing.

  Nutrition Pyramid Nuts: Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, amazing nuts make your brain and limbs equally developed.

  Healthy fats: olive oil, rapeseed oil, low-fat butter, far unhealthy animals, healthy aunts can help you lose fat better.

  Dairy: Low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, and dairy supplements after fitness and before bed are all good choices for muscle repair.

  Fruits: Papaya, pear, orange, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are indispensable for muscle growth and development.

  Starches: corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, your body needs a constant flow of energy, and energy can be here.

  Low-Carbon Water Vegetables: Spinach, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Carrot, keep your body acid-base balance, let you restore to become Hulk.

  High protein: whey protein, lean beef, fish, chicken, like fish can not do without water, you need a lot of protein to nourish muscle.

  8 essential amino acids for efficient nutrient supply Whey protein is high-quality “whole protein” because it contains 18 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids required by the human body. In this case, whey protein is also “fast protein” becauseIts amino acid composition ratio is appropriate, which is almost the same as the amino acid composition ratio in skeletal muscle, which is very easy to be used by the human body.

Whey protein provides pure and high-quality protein, which can enhance the enhanced abdominal sensation, reduce the use of heat, promote slight utilization, and optimize body composition. Transformation, whey protein is still known in the research to improve the body’s antioxidant capacity.The only supplemental protein synthesized by glutathione, which enhances immunity and improves overall health.

It is for these reasons that whey protein has become the IN choice of the fitness family.

Drink one or two spoonfuls of whey protein powder before and after exercise, simply, quickly and efficiently replenish high-quality protein to fuel your health!

  20g Whey Protein Easily Creates Shaped Male Whey Protein is a selective milk protein that can synthesize the branched chain amino acids required by muscle, especially leucine.

Implanting 20 grams of whey protein after exercise can greatly promote muscle recovery, help maintain muscle well-being, and promote use by adults.

More muscles, aunts of the retina, means better body composition and more shapely and healthy body.

Whey protein-containing nutrition bars or sports drinks generally provide 8?
30 grams of whey protein.

  Whey protein, sportsman’s choice to IN want to become healthier and overcome the power to re-see the effect of bodybuilding?

This should not only pay attention to scientific exercise methods, but also pay attention to the nutritional supplements needed for muscle repair and growth.

Whey protein has repeatedly been proven to be an ideal nutritional choice for beneficial exercise and overall health.

Nowadays, more and more fitness men directly drink whey protein powder, or consume products such as sports drinks and nutrition bars supplemented with whey protein, to ensure timely and adequate supply of high-quality protein, and nutritionally enhance the fitness effect.